MUFG/Union Bank Design System

Bg Mufg

MUFG, the second largest global banking group, engaged our team to help transform their entire software delivery process. As part of the transformation team, I served as senior experience director and product owner leading a cross functional team tasked with bringing consistency, quality, and speed to all experience delivery across the organization and across multiple brands.

Client: MUFG / Union Bank
Roles: Product Owner, User Experience, Strategy

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AWS Innovation

AWS Innovation logo

Working as a member of an AWS Innovation team, I served as the user experience and research lead during a product incubation engagement leveraging Amazon’s “working backwards” methodology to understand and test product viability, market fit, and go to market strategy of a breakthrough insurance product.

Client: AWS Innovation
Roles: UX Direction, User Research, User Experience, Strategy

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FedEx Office Apps


Our team was brought in to help FedEx Office improve and create new applications both for consumers in stores as well as the software employees use on a daily basis. We worked with the FedEx team and their users to understand their needs and delivered successful solutions including back office fleet management applications, kiosk-based shopping interfaces, and others.

Client: FedEx Office
Roles: Creative Direction, User Research, User Experience, Strategy

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Autotrader/ Digital Retailing

Autotrader /

Cox Automotive was looking to improve the user experience of their digital retailing channels as well as increase the overall lead conversion and lead quality of their platforms. My team was brought into understand current customer needs and where automotive digital retailing was headed in the future, and then to deliver a brand new experience that would make users happy and comfortable beginning their vehicle purchase process online.

Client: Cox Automotive
Roles: UX Direction, User Research, User Experience, Strategy

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Fiserv Online Banking Solutions

Fiserv Online Banking Solutions

During a multiyear engagement, we worked with Fiserv on several products within their Online Banking Solutions group. Our team was able to spend time inside users’ homes to truly understand their entire financial journey and use those insights and other research to help guide Fiserv on future product direction and inform a successful product design and launch.

Client: Fiserv, Inc.
Roles: Experience Direction, User Research, User Experience, Strategy

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Capital One Customer Service App

Capital One logo

Capital One’s Auto Finance group came to projekt202 for help with a complete redesign of their call center agent application to better serve both their customer service agents and their customers. By sitting with agents as they handled inbound customer calls, we were able to understand the biggest pain points and opportunities within the existing application and deliver a new design that allowed for a more powerful, more accurate, and easier to use application.

Client: Capital One
Roles: User Research, User Experience, Strategy

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BeyondTrust Remote Management App


BeyondTrust provides remote support applications that allow tech support employees to remotely connect and fix issues on users’ desktops and mobile devices. Our team was brought in to understand the real world issues help desk employees deal with while servicing their employees or customers and make sure a next gen remote support application made it easier for them to solve problems.

Client: BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar)
Roles: User Research, User Experience, Strategy

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PepsiCo Sustainability Portal

PepsiCo logo

Building a more sustainable food system is a key initiative for PepsiCo as global climate change impacts the food supply. We worked with PepsiCo and their farm partners to design a sustainability portal that would make it easy to collect the necessary information from farms to track yearly progress and provide farms and stakeholders insight into the overall program goals and progress.

Client: PepsiCo
Roles: User Research, User Experience, Strategy

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Fiserv Account Processing Solutions

Fiserv Account Processing Solutions

Designing enterprise applications for use within the high pressure, high security world of the bank branch presented unique challenges when working with Fiserv’s Account Processing Solutions team. Through extensive time in branch, we watched and learned to understand how bank staff serve customers while protecting the security and accuracy of their accounts. That research helped our strategy and design teams translate that care into the software they use to do their jobs.

Client: Fiserv, Inc.
Roles: Experience Direction, User Research, User Experience, Strategy

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CheapCaribbean Ecommerce Website

Cheap Caribbean logo

CheapCaribbean provides a meta search and custom packages for booking Caribbean vacations. They needed a new responsive design for their entire ecommerce booking and checkout experience that better represented their new branding and helped their customers book just the right vacation.

We worked with the CheapCaribbean team to design a fun, engaging browsing experience that helped users choose their trip based on budget, timing, or what kind of experience they wanted to have. Then we made sure each trip was easy to compare, easy to change dates, and when the user has made their choice, easy to book. With bright colors, witty copy, and the occasional delightful interaction we delivered a design that made the client happy while also meeting users’ needs.

Client: Apple Leisure Group
Roles: User Research, User Experience, Strategy

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Sabre Flight Logistics App


The logistics of making sure the passengers and luggage all end up in the right place is a tough job, making sure the in flight meals are fresh and hot is even tougher. Sabre came to projekt202 to help them design a tool for airlines to manage and plan their catering and food services in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

The tool needed to be clear and easy to understand from the fleet level all the way down the individual flight leg, and it had to surface exceptions and issues in a way that any user could diagnose and solve possible issues. With a powerful backend logic engine, the newly designed system allowed users to easily find the information they were looking for and only dive into the details when needed.

Client: Sabre
Roles: User Experience, Design, Data Analysis
Link: Under NDA

FanGuide Mobile Apps

Fanguide Apps

Download on the App StoreFanGuide Apps are iOS apps I designed, developed, and launched to cater to the most rabid sports fans. And do so without looking hideous. I did all the market research for the apps, defined the requirements, and created the UX prototypes and visual design.

Texas Fanguide App screenshot

Project Details

The apps were developed (along with Matt Berg) using Appcelerator’s Titanium framework and they differentiate themselves from the competition with a clean, focused user experience. So far the Texas Longhorn and Alabama Crimson Tide versions of the iOS apps have launched with more teams and Android support coming ASAP.

Sports fans can get all the news on the team they want and never be out of the loop thanks to push notifications on the big stories. The app is also a great game day companion as it provides quick and easy access to the roster for during the games.

Roles: Strategy, User Experience, Design, Titanium Development
Links: Texas FanGuide, Alabama FanGuide

Selected Screens

Plan23 iOS App Icons

FeeCalc app icon

Plan23 Apps was working on a new app idea for a PayPal fees calculator and needed an icon that would be simple and easy to recognize for its function. The final FeeCalc icon was meant to be easily identifiable as a calculator, while also taking design cues from the PayPal logo.

Plan23 liked the icon so much they eventually used the base design with a new color scheme for a new Chipotle nutrition calculator as well. Both versions of the icon stand out great in a sea of apps whether in the App Store or on your phone.

I continue to provide Plan23 both product strategy and UX consulting services as needed.

Client: Plan23 Apps
Roles: Icon Design, Strategy

JCPenney Ecommerce


JCPenney wanted to transform their entire ecommerce shopping experience to keep up with latest industry trends and make their famous deals as easy to use online as they are in-store. By delivering new responsive designs for the site and checkout flows, as well as a new enterprise design system, the team was able to provide not just a new experience for customers but a foundation for future design needs as well.

Client: JCPenney
Roles: User Research, User Experience, Strategy

Citi Process Optimization


Citi was looking to understand and optimize the delivery process of their project management organization and wanted projekt202 to use our experience research process to help.

A solo project, I interviewed key stakeholders, observed key delivery meetings, and worked directly with a variety of team members to understand all the pain points and opportunities. Key optimizations to the process and tooling were recommended and deliverables were redesigned to support the new and improved process.

Client: Citigroup Inc
Roles: User Research, User Experience, Strategy
Link: Under NDA

Moody’s Investor Services Intranet

Moody's logo

Moody’s was looking to redesign their corportate intranet with the hopes that they could create a site that employees both needed and wanted to use on a daily basis. We talked to key stakeholders and users to understand the features, tools, and services that would be of most value and designed an intranet that met user expectation and leveraged the smart features of Sharepoint to surface the right content at the right time.

Client: Moody’s Investor Services
Roles: User Research, User Experience, Strategy
Link: Under NDA

Selected IA and Wireframes

A selection of key documents and wireframes for the initial site strategy and design.

Ann Taylor/LOFT Websites

Ann Taylor | Loft logos

Ann Taylor and LOFT are two of the biggest brands in the country in women’s fashion and they needed new e-commerce websites that would better represent them and better serve their customers.

Ann Taylor / Loft

Project Details

The project was to create a unified user experience with a unified shopping cart so that customers could easily shop both brands. At the time it was designed, it was one of the earliest large scale responsive e-commerce projects from a major retailer. My responsibilities included leading discovery process including many hours of stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, and customer research. I created all wireframes and medium fidelity prototypes that went through extensive usability testing and iteration.

Client: Ann Inc.
Roles: Discovery, User Research, Wireframes, Prototyping, Usability Testing

ATMpass Go-To-Market Strategy and Website


Cardtronics, the world’s largest ATM operator, wanted to introduce a new service called ATMPass into the market aimed at customers who use their ATM cards frequently. Our team helped understand which features of the new subscription service would resonate most with the target audience, develop a go-to-market strategy, and designed a website to serve potential and existing customers.


Project Details

The site needed to be able to simply explain the new concept while also gaining the potential customer’s trust that they could safely provide their personal details and financial info to a company whose name they likely would not recognize.

With a simple design and interactive financial tools, the site succeeded in helping visitors know exactly what they’re looking at and how much money they could potentially save.

The new design encompasses all these goals through a clean, contemporary and informative design with extensive use of videos, sharp imagery, and smart social media campaigns to share the message of membership. Users can log in to view their cost savings, located ATMs, fully manage their account information, gift their friends and family, and access additional savings through local deals with neighborhood merchants.

Client: Cardtronics
Roles: User Research, User Experience, Strategy
Link: (archive link)

Selected Wireframes

A selection of key documents and wireframes for the initial site strategy and design.

Final Designs

Examples of the final design deliverables.

National Notary Association Website

National Notary Association logo

The largest notary company in the country, NNA requested a website redesign to make the complex process of becoming a notary more clear and easy to follow.

The new website offered a more open, clean and organized design that quickly located what state you wanted to apply in and guided you through an easy step-by-step application process that assisted you in the training, package details, insurance, membership and e-Commerce supplies section, along with a logged-in membership portal that tracked your commissions and status. The updated design was fully responsive, allowing you to get everything completed on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Client: National Notary Association
Roles: Discovery, Responsive Wireframes, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Safety-Kleen Website


Safety-Kleen is the leading provider of environmental services to commercial, industrial and automotive customers and the largest re-refiner of used oil in North America. They needed a new website that helped them better reach customers in two disparate markets while doing a better job of demonstrating how they helped customers to Make Green Work©.

Roles: Discovery, User Research, UX Strategy, Sitemap, Wireframes, Development

Safety-Kleen website screenshotProject Details

I started on this project long before it closed as I was extensively involved in the sales process. Once we got the desired signatures, my roles on the project included leading the discovery process, stakeholder interviews, UX research and competitive analysis, and creating the site’s information architecture including sitemap and wireframes.

Analysis included user personas, a deep analytics review, lead generation strategies, and content, marketing, and technical recommendations surrounding knowledge gained from key stakeholders. This analysis fed into the site’s responsive wireframes and the design phase. For this project I was also involved with the front-end development, primarily writing custom styles to enable and optimize the mobile view of the site.

Selected Wireframes

40 Acres Sports Website and Social Media

40 Acres Sports

40 Acres Sports (formerly BevoSports) was one of the earliest Texas Longhorns sports blogs on the web when I started it back in early 2005. A home for news and opinions on the Longhorns, the site was at one point seeing over 30,000 unique visitors per month at it’s peak.

Roles: Founder, Editor, User Experience, Strategy, Development

40AcresSports screenshots

Project Details

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40AcresSports Redesign (circa 2011)

With a new name and a new more skeuomorphic design, the site relaunched in 2011 with more resources beyond just the standard blog posts and deeper integration with social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. Fans could now check out the teams’ rosters, recruiting commits, and even look up the upcoming schedule and buy tickets to the game.

Original Design (circa 2007)

The site was originally known as (before some lawyers got involved) and the original design was essentially a lighter, simpler version of what it would eventually evolve into a few years later. SBNation honored the site with the “Best Looking Blog” award in 2006.

AmerisourceBergen Xcenda Website

Xcenda logo

Xcenda is part of the AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services group. The company is a full-service consultancy and leading managed markets agency that for more than two decades provided strategic insights for global companies as well as emerging pre-commercialization phase firms.

The Xcenda team needed a new website to display its expertise in the marketplace and help clients connect to their vast array of services. A conservative medical aesthetic was the design approach, allowing for an informative website with features such as industry detailed videos, interactive life cycle drug stages, oncology case studies, and insights to its wide range of offerings.

Client: AmerisourceBergen
Roles: Discovery, Strategy, Mobile Wireframes, UX Strategy, CMS Strategy