We’ve been having the conversation regularly at the day job recently about how much time and effort we should be investing in dark theme component variants, and Brad Frost coincidentally just linked to a great article from CommandBar exploring that same question.

An Event Apart is shutting down: aneventapart.com

AEA Austin in 2012 was one of the first big design industry conferences where I didn’t feel like a complete impostor. At least not for the entire time. Ha. I was making plans to attend An Event Apart in DC in 2020 when everything shut down.

Lottie is an iOS, Android, and React Native library that lets you easily add high quality, small file size animations to any app. Be sure to also check out the free LottieFiles.com resource for tons of animations to download.

Embeddable, interactive iOS app previews using App.io

App.io (which used to be Kickfolio) allows users to create interactive previews of your iPhone and iPad apps. Not sure exactly how its working but pretty darn cool. Check out Airbnb example below:

I think this will be overkill for a lot of apps where simple screenshots will work, but it’s amazing tech and would be useful for certain types of apps that might need a little more in-depth explanation/preview before a person is willing to plunk down 2 bucks.

I would not recommend using App.io if you’ve got a free app. Get those potential customers to the App Store as quickly as possible to download your app and that can be the “demo”. I will be trying App.io out soon, as much to see how it works as anything and will post my thoughts about it afterwards.