Texas WR Xavier Worthy is fastest man in NFL Combine history

Texas Longhorns wide receiver Xavier Worthy is fastest man in NFL Combine history after running a record 4.21-second 40-yard dash yesterday.

It’s the way the crowd gasps and then cheers when the original 4.22 announced time that give me goosebumps. So cool. Just a human doing something better than any other human before that’s all. Watch the NFL Network simulcam version with Worthy’s run overlaid with John Ross’ former record run below to see Worthy’s incredible initial acceleration:

Truly insane speed.

Buy me dinner, get drafted

ESPN's draft profile of Peter Skoronski

With Bijan Robinson going 8th and this guy (Peter Skoronski) going 11th overall in the NFL Draft, my family and I coincidentally had dinner within like 10 feet of two different top NFL draft picks in the last 6 months. Both at same shopping/dining area in Frisco.

(Bijan ate some sort of seafood thing and Skoronski had pasta.)

Moral of the story, eat dinner with (ok ok, near me) me and you’re guaranteed to become a top NFL draft pick.

Braves win 1st World Series title since 1995

Jorge Soler Hr Ws2

Like a lot of 90s kids, I watched the Atlanta Braves because they were on TBS every day after school and became a lifetime fan when Sid Bream slid home safely to beat the Pirates in 1992. From the age 11 until I was 25 years old they, remarkably, won their division every single year but only managed to win a single World Series title in 1995 . Yesterday, they finally won the whole damn thing again*.

I really hadn’t watched many Braves or MLB games in general since the mid 2000s, but during 2020 when most everything else was shut down baseball returned without fans and I watched pretty much every Braves game on MLB.tv. It was quite a respite and some sort of pseudo normalcy/reminder of my youth to be able to put on a Braves game every day in the background of my not currently normal life. I watched almost every game this year as well and it was quite special as fan to be able to root along as the Braves made an improbable late season and playoff run.

Earl got up: Inside the second act of a Texas legend

Texas RB Earl Campbell vs Oklahoma

ESPN has a fantastic, difficult profile of Texas running back legend Earl Campbell and his life during and after college and pro football. Longhorn fans have seen Earl unable to get out of the golf cart on sidelines for years, but the reasons were a lot more complicated than just a career of hard nosed running.

Turns out, the player known for being one of the toughest runners in the history of football was unknowingly playing with spinal stenosis his entire life, a diagnosis that today immediately ends careers. A wrong hit any time in his career could have sent him to a wheelchair 30 years ago.

So happy to know that Earl has gotten the medical help and counseling help he needed and like the article title says, has gotten back up again.