ATMpass Go-To-Market Strategy and Website

Cardtronics, the world’s largest ATM operator, wanted to introduce a new service called ATMPass into the market aimed at customers who use their ATM cards frequently. Our team helped understand which features of the new subscription service would resonate most with the target audience, develop a go-to-market strategy, and designed a website to serve potential and existing customers.


Project Details

The site needed to be able to simply explain the new concept while also gaining the potential customer’s trust that they could safely provide their personal details and financial info to a company whose name they likely would not recognize.

With a simple design and interactive financial tools, the site succeeded in helping visitors know exactly what they’re looking at and how much money they could potentially save.

The new design encompasses all these goals through a clean, contemporary and informative design with extensive use of videos, sharp imagery, and smart social media campaigns to share the message of membership. Users can log in to view their cost savings, located ATMs, fully manage their account information, gift their friends and family, and access additional savings through local deals with neighborhood merchants.

Client: Cardtronics
Roles: User Research, User Experience, Strategy
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Selected Wireframes

A selection of key documents and wireframes for the initial site strategy and design.

Final Designs

Examples of the final design deliverables.