FanGuide Mobile Apps

Download on the App StoreFanGuide Apps are iOS apps I designed, developed, and launched to cater to the most rabid sports fans. And do so without looking hideous. I did all the market research for the apps, defined the requirements, and created the UX prototypes and visual design.

Texas Fanguide App screenshot

Project Details

The apps were developed (along with Matt Berg) using Appcelerator’s Titanium framework and they differentiate themselves from the competition with a clean, focused user experience. So far the Texas Longhorn and Alabama Crimson Tide versions of the iOS apps have launched with more teams and Android support coming ASAP.

Sports fans can get all the news on the team they want and never be out of the loop thanks to push notifications on the big stories. The app is also a great game day companion as it provides quick and easy access to the roster for during the games.

Roles: Strategy, User Experience, Design, Titanium Development
Links: Texas FanGuide, Alabama FanGuide

Selected Screens