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I'm in Dallas

June 08, 2004 at 11:34 PM

Talk about the longest two days ever. I could not be more exhausted.

Christina and I are moving (have moved?) to Dallas from San Marcos (cough shithole cough) to pursue real careers in a real city. We started preparing for the move surprisingly early. We actually had a decent amount of stuff packed last week, and we took care of essentials like TV and Internet as well as useless crap such as electricity. So when yesterday came around pretty much all we had to do was load up the U-Haul. With my dad's help, it only took a little over an hour to get the majority the stuff out of the old apartment. I decided for theft/heat/wet reasons I didn't want to pack any expensive stuff or electronics until this morning. Bad move. Really bad move.

We wake up this morning and it's freaking pouring. I'm talking torrential downpour here. Amazon shit. And of course the stuff we still need to move is very vulnerable to water. Luckily we get a break and it almost completely stops for like 45 minutes and we get the rest into our cars. But as we're cleaning up and making sure we got everything, it starts really coming down again. I got freaking soaked and Reesey was wet and miserable too. We stayed drenched all day.

The drive took forever. It's bad enough waiting for my dad driving, but waiting for him driving a giant truck in heavy rain was even worse. I went 55 - 60 most of the way and often had to slow down so he could catch up. The rain never stopped. When we stopped and got gas, the wind was blowing so hard I got soaked even under the overhang. At least Reesey was a good girl, she slept on my lap the entire trip.

Once we got here we got another break in that the rain completely stopped for another thirty minutes or so. We got all my toys into the apartment and saved the rest for after lunch. By then it was raining again, but only lightly. It was annoying but not enough to damage any of our junk.

Christina's mom and niece showed up while we were moving stuff in. That was a little weird. Our parents had never met so I'm glad they got a chance to. It was tough though, because I need to really pay full attention to her in order to have a decent conversation and being busy I wasn't able to do so. Same goes for my parents I'm sure. Plus, I've got enough stress with the move and dealing with my dad. It's always an interesting experience, but they both do their best to take care of me.

All in all, it was a long but good day. I'm really happy to be in Dallas (and out of San Marcos) and starting a new job (and leaving my old one!) This should be a great summer and hopefully things keep going in the right direction for me and Christina.

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