UX Check Google Chrome extension

Interesting tool. UX Check is a Chrome Extension that helps you identify usability issues through a heuristic evaluation.



The size and lag of your parallax page


via @visualidiot


Nabi introduces 55″ & 65″ kid friendly Android tablets


Nabi has announced new Android tablets that will range from 32″ to 65″ at CES this week. They already had a 24″ “Big Tab” you could buy for $549.99 so these things will not be cheap.

Looking forward to the day when we go out to dinner and everyone is just staring at their own individual 55″ tablets.


Barbie Can be a Computer Engineer


They wrote a book entitled “Barbie Can be a Computer Engineer” and somehow turned her into a complete idiot who doesn’t actually code a thing and has to run to boys for help because she can’t do anything right. WTF?


The Greatest Comeback that Never Was

Plano East vs Tyler John Tyler, 20 years later.


My SmartThings order is here

Whoops. May have gone a little overboard with the SmartThings ordering.



Watching dancers at the State Fair


Watching dancers at the State Fair, the kiddo knows exactly which side of the line we are supposed to sit on.


Worth a Listen… 99% Invisible: Port of Dallas

Great, interesting recent 99% Invisible episode of local interest entitled Port of Dallas. It covers the seemingly crazy attempted creating of the Port of Dallas in the early 1900s.


Frisco looks to invest $1 million to bring video game museum to town

Awesome. Frisco looks like it’ll be the home of the video game museum with “the most comprehensive collection of video game memorabilia in the world.” Once it opens, I’ll be definitely trekking out there to take a look.