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The Sooners lose to Boise State again in NCAA 08

May 25, 2007 at 09:13 PM

The Oklahoma Sooners lost to Boise State in historic fashion in last year's Fiesta Bowl, and it looks like EA isn't going to let them forget it. One of the biggest features they're touting in NCAA Football 08 (due out in July) is all the new trick plays they've added to the expanded play books. To highlight the feature, they're using a clip of Boise State using the Statue of Liberty play to beat OU as the latest trailer. See the video below:

I'm not sure how well the new trick plays will work in the game, even the simple reverses that have been in previous games didn't work very well. Even if the plays are useless, at least it'll make Oklahoma fans relive the game a few more times.

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