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Skip Bayless is a joke

October 27, 2005 at 09:09 PM

That's certainly not breaking news, but Skippy has outdone himself this time. In his latest article on ESPN.com writes that there's no way Texas should be number one in the country and that we wouldn't stand a chance head-to-head against USC. It's one thing to have that opinion (though I think it's completely wrong), it's another to then not back it up with rational argument. Hmmm... I wonder why he'd have such an irrational hatred of Texas?

He attempts to bash our schedule so far, despite it being better than both USC and Virginia Tech's no matter how you look at it. Our opponents have a better combined record. We've beaten just as many (or more) top 25 teams. We beat a top 5 team on the road and demolished a top 10 team at home, USC and Va. Tech have done neither. Yes our schedule gets weaker from here on out, but just because we played our toughest games early doesn't make them any less difficult, in fact it makes upsets even more likely.

He then claims that USC has to take every team's best shot each week. Um, Skip, do you think the Horns are sneaking up on people? As Walter Cronkite says, "We're Texas." No matter what our ranking is, everyone wants to take us down. Factor in our national title aspirations and there's nothing in the world our opponents would rather do than knock us down. They took "Arizona State's best shot at Arizona State." Whoop-dee-freaking-do! They're 1-3 in Pac 10 play, they're terrible.

My favorite part of the article is when he states Ohio State would give the Trojans a better game than we would. Wait a second... Didn't we beat the Buckeyes? At their place? At night*? That doesn't count Skip says, we didn't win that one Jim Tressel lost it:

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel blew that game more than Texas won it. Tressel appeared to be channeling Bevo by starting and finishing with quarterback Justin Zwick, even though Troy Smith led the Buckeyes on five scoring drives and built a 22-16 lead through three quarters. Zwick's late fumble clinched a 25-22 Texas win.

His basis for that argument? "Smith led the Buckeyes on five scoring drives." Wow, five scoring drives? They must have been really rolling with him at quarterback. Oh wait, they weren't. Not even close. Ohio State had one good drive and it ended with Smith's best play of the night, a 36 yard pass from Smith to Santonio Holmes for a touchdown, but the rest of the night they did next to nothing with or without Smith at the helm. Those other 4 scoring drives? 5 plays for 8 yards. 9 plays for 22 yards. 6 plays for 11 yards. And finally, 4 plays for a whopping -1 yards. Look out Peyton Manning! Playing Smith the whole game would not have changed the final score.

A valid argument could definitely be made that the Trojans should be number one, but Texas has just as strong of a case. I think most people believe they're clearly the top two teams in the country. I don't understand the outrage over this week's BCS rankings from the national media. The Trojans probably have the nation's best offense, while Texas' defense is second to none. Texas has played better against tougher opponents so far, but if USC plays well over their next difficult stretch they'll likely jump back into the first spot anyways. Both teams deserve to be where they are and the exact order doesn't mean much. After all, whether you're number one or two in October doesn't really matter, as long as both teams win out we'll find out on January 4th in Pasadena who the better team is.

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1 USC Trojan said...

"They took "Arizona State's best shot at Arizona State." Whoop-dee-freaking-do! They're 1-3 in Pac 10 play, they're terrible."

Not sure if it matters, but Arizona State was ranked high when USC played them. It is a different thing that after playing USC they have not played as per their ranking at the time.

Posted on November 02, 2005 at 12:51 AM

2 Matt said...

While I understand your point, somewhat, Texas A&M was ranked 17th at one time, Pitt 23, Ohio State 4, Michigan 3???

Currently Ohio State is 12th and Michigan 22. The others are not ranked and neither is AZ state (unless I missed them). Just basing it on when they play you is not accurate. Obviously Texas A&M and Pitt suck, no doubt about that. They were overated. I am not familiar with AZ state, but anybody that has lost 3 games in PAC 10, is terrible.

Of course if you are Skip Bayless and ESPN, you quote the actual rankings that make your point. Basically you cheat and pick the best rankings for the opponents of team you like. And the worst rankings for the team you hate. They are biased whether you are a USC fan or UT, or OU, Cal, etc.

Posted on November 02, 2005 at 10:49 PM

3 Chris said...

Skip Bayless needs to understand that his emotions always seem to cloud whatever issue it is that he is discussing. For instance, he says that Indy should "absolutely!!!" pursue the Dolphins record and try to stay unbeaten as long as they can. Skip doesn't realize (as most sports writers/broadcasters/talk shows don't) that it is not Indy's job to go after that record, nor is it any athlete's or sports franchise's job to chase history no metter what the cost. Bayless is an idiot at times when he infers that history will not forget Indy if they go undefeated, but lose Manning or James to injury, and subsequently lose in the playoffs and miss the Super Bowl. No one remembers that the Mariners won 116 games, because they didn't win the World Series. THE GOAL OF EVERY NFL TEAM IS TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL, NOT CHASE HISTORY.....NO ONE CARES UNLESS INDY WINS IT ALL. Bayless is a poor man's Lupica without the intelligence.

Posted on December 05, 2005 at 09:00 AM

4 Ryan said...

Skip Bayless is a certified moron. How dare he insult the Seattle Seahawks, calling them "an arena league team," as well as the fine city of Seattle? You can thank Seattle for Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks and many more fortune 500 companies that make Mr. Skip Bayless and his fake tan’s life so cushy.

How can he call a team that is 2nd in yards per game, 1st in points per game, 16th in yards given up per game and 7th in points given up per game an arena league team! Plus, Seattle has now beaten all four teams from the NFC east, a division considered by many to be the best in football. I make it a point to Tivo your show ever day. However, since Skip has proven himself moronic beyond forgiveness for yet another time, I will never watch your show again. He should apologize for his comments, his terrible hair and his fake tan that so perfectly goes along with his fake personality.

Ryan Petitt

In the greatest city in the country, Seattle!

Posted on January 18, 2006 at 06:15 PM

5 Steve Buck said...

I have to agree with you, although my complaint about that jack-ass Bayless is over the crap he is saying about the Seahawks. I typed out a letter but I can get it through on their network. Maybe I have to be a member or something, in any case I will include it if you would like to see it. Who knows, maybe you can find a way to pass it on to that ass.
Take Care,

Your are a complete jack-ass, but nothing less than I would expect from a New Yoker. You where probably one of those espn dolts who didn't even give the Steelers a snowballs chance in hell to make into the post season. As a matter of fact, you probably had the Colts to win it all the way. The fact that the Colts lost was no surprise, the Seahawks came out flat againt the Redskins as well after being off for two weeks. The one big difference, the Hawks found a way to win. The Colts on the other hand where trying to point their fingers at each other on whose fault it was why they where losing. And as for you favored Panthers, you actually think that even if Peppers was in the best shape of the season it would have mattered? Man you are desperate. The simple fact is the Seahawks took Smith out of the game and showed everyone the screaming little brat on the sideline that he is. And as for Delomme or whatever his name is, he got a whole new meaning of surf and turf. You blow out so much crap about how Seattle doesn't belong in the SuperBowl, but they sure knowcked the crap out your Giants, (just ask Shockey) and even with the ref's trying to help them win,(once again SHockey's touchdown) still found a way to crap out. Sure, go ahead and be the small little man you are and blame the kicker. The fact is they lost that game, peroid. Also, something I don't hear that much of coming out of New York, the Giants almost lost to Philly, a team the Hawks completely demolished on Monday night football. What excuse do you have for that? Was someone sick, or just having a bad day? Get over yourself you ass. You want to pick a favorite, go ahead, but when you start flappin' your lips about who doesn't belong somewhere because their frauds or not deserving of a position, you should take a good long look in the mirror.

Posted on February 02, 2006 at 06:44 PM

6 Brian O. said...

>> As a matter of fact, you probably had the Colts to win it all the way.

No. He picked the Vikings!

Posted on February 14, 2006 at 09:37 PM

7 dimp said...

Why does skip have such a hard on for Ohio State. He must have applied and was denied admission. Skip get you a blow up doll in a Ohio State uniform and just release it and get over it

Posted on August 11, 2006 at 09:06 AM

8 gregorio said...

In July, substituting one night for Jim Rhome, Skip said "the Yankees are dead." At this writing, they're in first place by six and a half games.

Posted on August 24, 2006 at 02:58 PM