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Ryan Perrilloux is a punk

February 03, 2005 at 07:29 AM

Update: Ryan Perrilloux has been kicked off the team, his career at LSU is over.

Jesus. How do you know when Ryan Perrilloux is lying? His lips are moving.

Punk kid

In case you didn't know, he picked LSU yesterday after claiming to our coaches just a couple days ago that he was still very much committed to the Horns. He claimed in one interview that he decided to switch to LSU in the last days, only to say in another article how great a job he had done in recruiting other kids to go with him to LSU over the last month. It can't be both Ryan.

I just don't get what was in it for him and LSU. How did the lying help them at all? All it did was make him look like the world's biggest liar to the entire nation. And wouldn't he have been able to help LSU's recruiting by coming out and saying he was going there a month ago? It just doesn't make sense. It seems he got more joy out of being a pr*** then he would have doing what was right or even better for him in the long run.

My personal favorite quote from his press conference is in this article:

LSU is the perfect school for me. I can come in and play next year. JaMarcus struggled last year, and Matt Flynn is definitely not a better quarterback than me. It's just a perfect opportunity.

Wow. I bet the players already at LSU really appreciate this coming from a punk kid who hasn't even played a single play in college yet. He sure is going to be popular in quarterback meetings in the fall.

One of the things his step-dad claimed was that he could start over this year's Heisman winner Matt Leinart and most NFL quarterbacks. Plus he said he was dissappointed that Texas wouldn't promise him the starting job over Vince Young. I think his parents clearly need to at least share some of the blame in all of this. I'm sure they knew he intended on going to LSU. Yet, they had no problem with his being untruthful to everyone he spoke to. They had no issues with him lying to a person the caliber of Mack Brown. It's really telling about what kind of people they are and what kind of person they are raising. Someone in his life should have been encouraging him to do what was right.

I can't help but guess that these character flaws are going to mean that this recruiting fiasco will have been the highlight of his career. Leadership and character are as important to a quarterback's success as talent, and he's dearly lacking right now in those two departments. Unless he grows up fast, we may have already forgotten about Ryan five years from now.

I have to say missing out on this kid may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Update: They're now claiming he was misquoted. Too bad for them the quote came directly from LSU and USA Today did not make it up.

Update: Another sign he wasn't misquoted before, The Sporting News/Fox Sports has this new tidbit, Perrilloux has been boasting about winning the starting job next fall and says LSU's players don't believe in current quarterbacks JaMarcus Russell and Matt Flynn. You guys still sure you want him?

Update: As some commenters have pointed out, Ryan is under federal investigation for his involvement in a counterfeiting ring. The kid could be in serious trouble but those close to him are still doing whatever they can do to keep Ryan from ever learning any accountability. (1/11/2007)

Update: LSU coach Les Miles has announced that Ryan Perrilloux has been suspended indefinitely for "violating team rules." There are rumors this will turn into permanent removal from the team and/or Perrilloux has quit the team. (2/18/2008)

Update: Just days after being reinstated, Ryan Perrilloux is in trouble again. This time for causing a scene at a local restaurant, reportedly calling an Arab waiter "Osama." Classy kid. (4/2/2008)

Update: Perrilloux has been dismissed from the LSU football team, and this time it appears permanent. Ryan apparently failed a drug test and Les Miles finally thought five or six tries was enough and booted him. (5/2/2008)

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1 Mike said...

Great points you make. RP would have done himself a huge favor if he had been upfront with everyone. The lying will catch up to him in the end.

Posted on February 05, 2005 at 04:13 PM

2 Jonathan said...


Posted on February 11, 2005 at 02:39 PM

3 Brian said...

Dude learn to freaking spell.

Most LSU fans think the kid is a POS too, he was talking trash about your team not mine.

Posted on February 11, 2005 at 02:54 PM

4 LSUDeek said...

You can misrepresent him all you like, the fact is he was misquoted and there is proof everywhere backing that up.

BTW, "most LSU fans" don't think he is a POS. Just UT fans.

Oh, btw...
Chase Daniel:

"I was glad when they called, because I got to turn them down," Daniel said Wednesday while eating lunch at school. "It was too little, too late. I'm sticking with Missouri."

Posted on February 11, 2005 at 03:44 PM

5 Brian said...

Wow, I sure hope UT can someday get a QB who will call the rest of our team talentless. And no he wasn't misquoted, just because another one of his quotes was different doesn't mean he didn't say it. You can provide "proof" he said something, that doesn't prove he didn't say something. It was an LSU press release and a USA Today story, so stick your head in the sand all you want.

Have fun with Les Miles as your coach.

Posted on February 11, 2005 at 04:30 PM

6 Caine said...

Could you Texas fans cry any louder?? You make it sounds like Texas is the ONLY school that got shafted by a recruit. Jerrell Powe anyone? Not only did he stiff Auburn, but he did the same thing to LSU, what Perrilloux did to Texas (albeit a lot less fan-fare).

Granted, I think he should have handled things differently, but come on guys! Texas IS NOT "all that and a bag of chips". You guys FINALLY won a BCS game. Worry less about ONE recruit and MORE about beating OU.

Posted on February 11, 2005 at 11:31 PM

7 Brian said...

First off, Powe is going to JUCO. He's got no chance of making it into school. Second, at the high school all-american game he looked like he weighed 380 pounds. In two years when he finally goes to whatever corrupt SEC school pays him the most, he looks like he'll be at least 400 pounds.

Lastly, did he spend the last eight months lying to anyone who would listen that he was going to LSU? Did he spend the last month telling a well-respected adult that he was still very much committed while at the same time trying to convince other kids to go to Ole Miss?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

The thing that makes RP trash is not that he decommitted, that stuff happens all the time, it's the way he was intentionally dishonest the entire time. I would think LSU fans would be pissed about it too. He could have done so much more to help the school if he had come out six weeks ago and committed to you.

Posted on February 12, 2005 at 09:00 AM

8 Caine said...

After Martellus Bennett announced he was going to aTm, he said, on record, that Perrilloux had been trying to recruit players to LSU and that it (where RP was going to sign) was the "worst kept secret" and that all recruits knew it.

So, what difference would it have made if he committed to LSU earlier if all of the top recruits already KNEW where he was going. Also, if what Bennett said was true, then wouldn't one of the Texas recruits give Mack Brown and the rest of the Longhorn staff a "heads up" so that they could go to plan 'B'?

We can go on and on about RP, his decision, and the state of recruiting in general till we're all blue in the face. Just forget about it! Move on! If Texas is so great, and everyone is ready to spit nails because of something that a 17 year old high school kid did, then I guess you guys aren't as great as ya'll lead everyone to believe you are. One recruit DOES NOT a program make! No matter who he signed with.

Posted on February 12, 2005 at 12:45 PM

9 bruce l said...

Can't blame him for not wanting to go to Texas...and play for Mack the Lord of No Rings!! He would rather play for football for a better team, better Coach, better fans, better conference not to mention better tailgaiting!! And be careful about using the Lords name in vain....

Posted on February 19, 2005 at 07:19 AM

10 Brian said...

Wow Bruce, had you just been tailgating when you made that comment? You must've been drunk.

A better team? Let's see over the last 10 years LSU has gone 80-40-1 (.667 winning percentage) while Texas has gone 92-33-1 (.726 winning percentage). Hmmmm...

Better coach? Les Miles went 28 and 21 in four years while Mack Brown and the Horns were going 43 and 8. Oh yeah and Miles lost four straight years to Texas by a combined score of 173 to 83. Oooh oooh, and he blew a 35-7 lead this year to Texas. Hell of a coach you got there.

Come back Bruce when you can comment without embarrassing yourself and LSU.

Posted on February 19, 2005 at 06:12 PM

11 bruce said...

LSU Tiger
2003 National Champs!!

Posted on February 20, 2005 at 07:54 AM

12 Brian said...

Yeah that's great dude, but that's not what you were arguing about. You were stating how awesome your coach was.

Did you notice how your fellow Tiger fans calmly argued their points? Why don't you try that or don't come back.

Posted on February 20, 2005 at 08:03 AM

13 missy said...

Hey all I have to say is ya'll need to get over it and move along. So what,he may have lied about where he was going. But bringing it back up doesn't change anything he's still going to LSU.The past is the past so don't waste your precious time dwelling on it cause Ryan sure isn't.

Posted on March 01, 2005 at 10:38 AM

14 Brian said...

I don't know why people keep claiming I need to get over it when they're the ones who are bringing it back up. I made the post February 3rd (you know, the day after it happened) and if it wasn't for LSU fans commenting here it wouldn't have crossed my mind since.

Posted on March 01, 2005 at 10:54 AM

15 Bury Switzer said...

I was pissed like most fans at Texas when Lie'n Ryan played games with UT. But, it was obviously a blessing in disguise. We have players like Vince Young who prove what kind of player they are without runnnig their mouth. Until Lie'n Ryan shows some character, he'll just be another mouth. If he starts early, don't be surprised if he tries to jump to the NFL as soon as he can and he'll lie to all the fans before he does so. You better start recruiting another QB now. Scoreboard: Jan. 1, 2003 (#9)TEXAS 35 vs. lsu'ers 20 Bye Bye

Posted on March 02, 2005 at 10:19 AM

16 DJA said...

Stop hating on the man because be didnt go to the school you wanted him too. Maybe if you had his talent you could stop your damn crying and make the decision for yourself. He did what he wanted to do, and that was his choice to do so. You cant do anything about it so just shut up. Maybe you can have a son that can play up to his level and then you can have the right to say something!!!!!

Posted on March 03, 2005 at 12:36 AM

17 seth said...

Colt Mccoy for Texas will probably be better than RP. So i wish people will quit whining about RP. We got Vince Young for atleast one more year and next year Texas has the heads up on pretty much any QB they want.

Posted on March 08, 2005 at 10:12 AM

18 TrentHLB said...


Posted on March 08, 2005 at 02:08 PM

19 Britney said...

~First of all, you guys are forgetting the real reason of the whole situation. It does not matter what school he goes to as long as he gets a college education. That's the real deal. You should be happy that he is making a choice to attend a school, whether it be Texas or LSU. And why is it so much drama between Texas and Louisiana schools anyway. I just don't understand. If makes you that mad, why don't you go out and play football, and get off his nuts. The dude is making his own decisions and nothing you say or type about, is going to change his mind. You should be really ashamed for talking about his parents that way. I think they deserve more than that. Grow the hell up. Plus I so happen to think that he is really good at what he does and I like him a lot.!~

Posted on March 15, 2005 at 11:44 AM

20 Brian said...

That's great Brit, but he's stated several times that he thinks he's so great that he won't stay around long enough to get an education.

And why should I be ashamed that his parents didn't raise him right? They raised him to think it's okay to lie right to people's faces. They're telling him it is okay to talk bad about his future teammates.

Posted on March 15, 2005 at 12:00 PM

21 Brian said...

FYI: "Britney" if you want to post multiple things as different people, try not being so racist and using the same email address while changing names. Real smart.

Posted on March 15, 2005 at 12:03 PM

22 DJA said...

You need to stop talking about other folks parents. How would you like it if anyone talk about your mother and father? Think about that next time you post something stupid like this on the web again.

Posted on March 16, 2005 at 12:15 AM

23 Brian said...

Wow, I had no idea it was so wrong to encourage parents to raise a child right.

Let me take it all back. Any parents out there reading this, please feel free to raise kids without any common sense or values. Apparently everyone thinks that's okay, plus if they ever do anything wrong you can just blame it on Janet Jackson's boob or video games.

Posted on March 16, 2005 at 07:04 AM

24 Britney said...

First off, in order to leave a comment you have to have a email address. My home boy ROY didn't have one so I just let him use mine. So before you strat jumping to conclusions, ask questions first. That's what a mature person does.! PS Do you really think that I am that type of person. From the intelligence from my first comment to the ghetto complusive things in the "Roy" comment. Whatever dude!!

Posted on March 16, 2005 at 11:50 AM

25 DJA said...

You are one stupid person!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on April 11, 2005 at 05:27 PM

26 Reid said...

Football is boring anyway.

Posted on April 24, 2005 at 01:14 AM

27 lsu2003 said...

Bottom line is that Texas fans are angry that RP decided to go with LSU after a "verbal" commitment to the longhorns. They have good reason too. If you read all the posts and articles from UT fans about PR before he changed his mind, they read as if he is the best thing sinc sliced bread (best duel threat QB since Mike Vick). Now that LSU has him, they are trying to figure out how to discredit their own words without comming off as idiots... obviously that has failed, so they are going to get back behind their one dimentional Vince Young (how do you think he feels about you retards jumping ship on him as soon as something better comes along). Face it, you wish you had him (RP), but there is a bright side. Tx's well of H.S. tallent is plentiful enough that you guys will still get a few players after OU and LSU are finished with 'um.


Posted on May 13, 2005 at 12:45 PM

28 Colt said...

What I dont understand is how do you get off saying all kinds of accusations about someone you dont know. I mean do you know RP that well, or more importantly his parents. The way your sounding in this article it sounds liek you have intimate knowledge not only of the guy, but his upbringing and family life as well. Maybe he has a good reason to go to LSU instead of Texas. Hell for all we know he could have met a girl that he likes that goes to lsu. there is hundreds of reasons as to why he did what he did. but just because he didnt do what you (and by you i mean any UT fan that has their underwear in a bunch over this) wanted him to do, doesnt give you the right to bad mouth, his family, or for that matter anything that concerns him and his decisions. it isnt like one player is going to make lsu that much better or that it will make UT that much worse so just get over it.

Posted on May 30, 2005 at 09:47 PM

29 Terrance said...

Damn just watch the NFL.

Posted on June 20, 2005 at 10:54 AM

30 TECK said...

Ryan do you homeboy,You did what was best for you man let them hate on man have fun at LSU the STATE OF LOUISIANA is glad that you chose to stay in the state. DO YOU RYAN GOOD LUCK HOMEY

Posted on June 23, 2005 at 03:24 PM

31 krazy cajun said...

yall need to quit crying. Besides OU will be kicking that a** for the next ten years Perrilloux or not. SO JUST SHUT UP

Posted on June 24, 2005 at 11:51 PM

32 Terrance said...

I'm Black.

Posted on June 27, 2005 at 02:09 PM

33 stu said...

Hey Brian...you're some kind of dumb meat head!!! It's obvious that in all collegiate sports that MONEY can easily change things. Just as you probably recieved "gifts" of money from the Horns atheletic clubs and its members. as they say Brian, money talks...bull**** walks. And you guys do happen to be a bunch of bulls.

Posted on July 19, 2005 at 11:31 AM

34 Brian said...

I am so, so confused by your point Stu. You think I have received gifts from UT boosters? And claim Texas is cheating but LSU cheated more/better? I don't get it.

Posted on July 19, 2005 at 12:08 PM

35 Eboni said...

Ya'll worried about the wrong thing. He's a talented guy so let him shine! Regardless to what was said it's already been done. It's a waste of time to dwell on stuff like that. All I have to say is watch him do his thing next season!

Posted on July 21, 2005 at 12:20 AM

36 Eboni said...

And also about trying to talk down on his parents you are so out of line and u need to know your place.

Posted on July 21, 2005 at 12:25 AM

37 Eboni said...

U know nothing about his parents to even speak about that. But all this b/s ya'll talking we'll see if it's worth all that when Ryan gets out on the field.

Posted on July 21, 2005 at 12:27 AM

38 Brian said...

Actually, you can tell a lot about his parents by the way they allowed him to act and the quotes his step-dad made to the media. When you've got a kid Ryan's age having to deal with the pressure and scrutiny of a decision like that, you've got to step in and make sure he does the right thing. That doesn't mean forcing him to one school or another, but just make sure he thinks things through and he's honest to everyone including himself.

Posted on July 21, 2005 at 08:51 AM

39 Eboni said...

I understand where u coming from but just make sure when the time comes that you raiseyour kids right!

Posted on July 21, 2005 at 11:24 PM

40 Lenderay Wilson Jr. said...

Ryan Is My stepbrother BITCH!!! no BULLSHIT!!! ask his people who raised him from when he was seven months. my mother died and Ryans mother was their to help my father raise Five Children plus her four children romel, rance, codatta, and ryan. I would appreciate it if you quit hating, I guess you are a student at the Texas University

Now I am waiting for a response HOLLA!!!!

Posted on July 22, 2005 at 10:58 PM

41 Lenderay Wilson Jr. said...

p.s. My father and his mother split some years ago so don't ask me about what my father was thinking because it was not him but he did financialy support ryan when he needed to go on trips for football and to the us army all american game

Posted on July 22, 2005 at 11:01 PM

42 Ms. Apple said...

Brian, you need to get off Ryan's [expletive deleted], stop rid'n it before you get pregnant. Don't worry about what the [expletive deleted] he is do'n, you need to get a life of your [expletive deleted] own, stop worrying and commenting on other people's [expletive deleted] find some scouts and free rides to college (if you don't have any). Ryan I ain't mad at you my [expletive deleted] do the damn thang. I want to shout out to my gurl Eboni, we rep'n for H-Town all the damn way!!!! If you are in college & play football I hope LSU beat the [expletive deleted] out of you hoes [expletive deleted] YOU TRICK, & I hope yo hate'n ass rot in hell [expletive deleted]!!!! Ryan gone get his no matter what, & yo hate'n is is juat his footstep to do'n bigger & better things. THANKS FOR THE MOTIVATION!!!! And when you respond please be VERY careful of what you say because I will eat yo [expletive deleted] ass up TRICK!!! LET'S GO TIGERS!!!!

Posted on July 26, 2005 at 11:03 PM

43 lizz said...

Hi everybody!

Posted on July 26, 2005 at 11:17 PM

44 Mike said...

Wow, I hope the majority of you folks that responded to this blog are teenagers. Geaux Tigers

Posted on August 07, 2005 at 11:13 PM

45 James said...

Ryan Perrilloux will not amount to anything at the college level. He will be an average dual threat quarterback at best. He does not have the leadership skills of Russell or Flynn. Each year there are many dual threat quarterbacks coming out of high school with impressive numbers, maybe 25% make a name for themselves in college, and even less make it to the NFL (Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb). So, not to take away from your childish arguments or anything, but I just wanted to voice my opinion, regardless of RP's character or what school he shafted. I personall think he will back up Flynn and Russell and end up transferring because he's so cocky he doesn't know what's best for him. No matter what your high school stats, you have to beat out your competition to get a shot to play. Right now, they say Matt Flynn is burning LSU camp up. Didn't RP say "Matt Flynn is definitely not a better quarterback than me"? We'll see big shot. He's just another mouth in my book.

Posted on August 11, 2005 at 01:32 PM

46 ZI said...

I understand clearly what both sides of the grass are saying. I am from LA, I am not a LSU fan or a Texas fan. Nor do I stand nuetral. One thing I am is one of RP's step-sisters. What my brother Lenderay stated before may have been true about RP's mother, she did try help raising us, but that ended years ago. We've had our differences. She remarried and both our families lives went seperate ways. I will not ever down her on how she raised Ryan. I know from experience that she loves her childern. She's one to want the best for her children. Now, Ryan is a grown man with the media trying know his every thought. I'm pretty sure he just wants to live free and play football. His comments or "lying" to the media may not have been intentional. Maybe he really wasn't given the freedom to really sit and think things through because of all the pressure and constant questioning. People require time to themselves. We all know how it feels to be under pressure and wanting to make everybody happy. But you can't make everyone happy. In the end we're going to just scream either inwardly or outwardly, then do what we wanted to do from the beginning. Maybe going to LSU was not his decision, maybe it was. Maybe him "changing his mind" at the last minuet was his inward outward screaming experience. Sooner or later we will know. He's young with the opportunity of a lifetime and wanting to live his dream. Give him that much, Brian. Don't call a young man a punk (your headline) just for having a dream. Yeah, character is everything, he has chracter, it may seem cocky, but that maybe his way of confidence of knowing who he is. Sometimes in sports its call trash talk and sometimes its the art of just knowing. You desire for him to have a more humble commenting expression, nothings wrong with that, but he'll get there. Right now he's enjoying himself. And nothing is wrong with that either. His parents are new to this too. They are trying and backing him up. Don't knock their parenting for saying he's better. Even if to the media he came out to being the worst, to his parents and his family he will always be the best...

Posted on August 24, 2005 at 09:35 AM

47 Big Mike said...

[Edit: Comment from complete moron removed.]

Posted on September 02, 2005 at 01:34 PM

48 LIL'NINA said...

[Edit: Comment from complete moron removed.]

Posted on September 02, 2005 at 04:01 PM

49 LIL'NINA said...


Posted on September 02, 2005 at 04:03 PM

50 Carla C. Prout said...

Ryan is a fine young man, I enjoyed watching him at the high school level, and i am going to love watching him play at the college level. Whatever is for you, it's for you. God loves us all no matter what mistakes we make, and whatever Ryan said at that moment i am sure he is sorry for it, so you should know that forgiveness is for everyone including you. Don't be so crital about someone's upbring when you know nothing about it. YOU BE BLESSED!!!!!!!

Posted on September 04, 2005 at 12:06 PM

51 big said...

Invitees to the Heisman awards ceremony...
1) Reggie Bush
2) Vince Young
3) Matt Lienert

oops... Where's Ryan Perrilloux?

Posted on December 09, 2005 at 08:27 AM

52 Nick said...

Football in my opinion is 80% mental, espacially at the QB position, i use to play QB at a national level in Canada and i was very good at it. I was also very cocky, at first it was a high level of confidence then i got cocky. No one likes n e one like that, ur teamates, coaches or fans and as soon as you slip up they are gunna jump all over you. RP made sum bad judgements in his interviews especially with the QB situation at LSU, he feels as if hes on top of the world and i dont blame him. He just has to be carefull bcuz ppl will b alllll over him and once he makes a little mistake on the field ppl are gunna b all over it, and i hope he handles it well and keeps his head up. Bcuz if he doesnt he may never get his confidence back and b able to rebound from it and alllllll the ppl who resented him for his cockyness will never let it do and bask in his failures. If i had one thing to say to him it would b not to b as cocky, but stay confident, being too cocky will ruin u, trust me i know.

Posted on December 23, 2005 at 07:07 PM

53 Andy said...

Russell, who injured his left shoulder Dec. 3, remained in Baton Rouge for treatment and rehabilitation, meaning Matt Flynn will make his first start in Friday's Peach Bowl.

"Nothing's gotten worse," said LSU coach Les Miles. "It just hasn't gotten better fast enough."

LSU coaches and trainers decided Russell should stay in Baton Rouge as a precaution and not participate in any Peach Bowl practices. Russell is the only LSU player who won't be in Atlanta for the game.

LSU (10-2) plays ninth-ranked Miami (9-2) in the Georgia Dome, where Russell suffered a separated shoulder in a 34-14 loss to Georgia.

"I think Matt will play well," Miles said. "I think well be fine at quarterback. Quarterback wont be the issue. It will be a matter of how we play on the offensive line, at running back, on defense and on special teams. We have a quarterback in Matt who can win for us.

Miles said that walk-on Jimmy Welker will serve as Flynn's backup at quarterback against Miami. Welker, who has served as the LSU's scout team quarterback all season, has never played in a college game.
Oh yeah. Ryan's a f'ing superstar.

Posted on December 27, 2005 at 02:19 PM

54 Ya Brown said...


Posted on December 27, 2005 at 07:08 PM

55 neal said...

i think brian is one of those people that sits online all day and talks [expletive deleted] about all the things that didn't go his way in the sports world. You sound like a little baby you [expletive deleted], you should honestly just shut up and not talk bad about other people and there parents just because a player changed his mind on his collegiate plans. I myself have been in RP position before and take real offense to what you are saying about him and his parents. He is extremely young and when i was thrat age was a bit immature myself and he is the top recruit maybe he just can't handle the pressure talking to the media yet. So keep your mouth shut because i'm sure your no saint.

Posted on December 31, 2005 at 01:48 PM

56 HOOK'EM said...

RP quoted in the Austin American Statesman on Feb 3rd 2005:

"I'm sure Texas fans are frustrated and disappointed,because they lost another top player," They'll get over it.

Guess what RP, WE GOT OVER IT!!! I hear TX A&M Kingsland is looking for a backup to hold a clipboard

Posted on January 03, 2006 at 11:55 AM

57 SleepingwithDavesmom said...

Looks like RP is going to have to remain crawling for now after that Peach Bowl victory. Looks like 1st and 2nd string are secure at LSU. So yet another Perril-less year to look forward to in 2006. Quoted from from JaMarcus Russell in the Times Picayune:

"There's a lot of work to do," Russell said to the Times Picayune after Perrilloux's first comments. "Coming in with an attitude won't get you anywhere, because you have to learn to crawl before you walk."

Good luck RP, there always Blen Junior College.

Hook 'em Horns!!!!!

Posted on January 03, 2006 at 12:18 PM

58 NFL bound said...

This just in...

Posted on January 03, 2006 at 12:40 PM

59 Ryan said...

This just in, Vince is going pro. Poor little Perrilloux turned down a chance to be a 4 year starter at UT to sit on his a$$ behind two guys at LSU. Serves the little punk right.

Even mentioning this head case in the same sentence with Vince Young is insulting.

Posted on January 08, 2006 at 02:22 PM

60 Vince is my son said...

From an ESPN columnist on 1/9/06....

Speaking of bidness decisions, think for a moment about Ryan Perrilloux, the top-rated quarterback prospect in the nation a year ago. Perrilloux committed to Texas and changed his mind late in the game to sign with LSU.

A year later, Texas needs a quarterback, and Perrilloux is lodged behind JaMarcus Russell and Matt Flynn, who led the Tigers to a 40-3 victory over Miami in the Peach Bowl because Russell had an injured shoulder. Russell and Flynn will be juniors next season.

Perrilloux, too, made a bidness decision. Somehow, I think that Young's decision will pan out better.

Posted on January 09, 2006 at 11:36 AM

61 halle said...

u r a punk

Posted on January 09, 2006 at 02:52 PM

62 Duster said...

I doubt Perrilloux would be starting at Texas next year either, even without VY.

Posted on January 09, 2006 at 04:16 PM

63 Karmazabiz said...

Basically, Ryan got what he deserved. Adrian Peterson didn't get what he so dearly wanted. Neither did Rhett Bomar and Chase Daniel.

Oh, and LSU fans, what do they call it? Oh, yeah, the UNDISPUTED 2005 National Champion Texas Longhorns. You can't claim that can you? Didn't think so... Ha ha.

Bottom line: Longhorns ALWAYS win in the end. Suckers.

Posted on January 12, 2006 at 06:46 PM

64 tiger/horns fan said...

hey guys....

Posted on January 22, 2006 at 02:23 AM

65 tiger/horns fan said...

I grew up in Louisiana but my step dad was from Texas. I learned to grow up loving UT football and the Tigers. I remember the Cotton Bowls, I am even a Cowboys fan. I must say I found this sight looking for information on RP. I was a little freaked by the crap that I found. I do believe that character is the most important thing especially in a QB. The kid is just that a kid and thank God he is a lying kid going to college and not a lying kid punking out to rap music wanting to break into your apartment. So he is cocky.. he is getting his humble medicine right now and how he reacts to not rising to a starting position this year and maybe next will prove his character. If he stays he just might make something really special. You know nothing could have made me happier than UT winning that game against USC. I jumped and screamed like LSU had won it all. Crap guys the south gets trashed whether is is UT or LSU in the polls. Notre Dame only need have a decent season and they are going to the top, Michigan or Ohio St. always a picked at the top only to fall. USC has a huge tele market and I watched ESPN and others hail them as the greatest team ever..even had them playing historic teams! Heck the truth is that the were only one PETEs.. They beat the crap out of OU and they deserved it. Auburn got shafted last year and no one said a word about "Co-champions". I would have respected USC's claim if they would have come out last year and recognized AU as Co-Champs. USC didn't play eiterh #1 or #2 ... who did they beat? What was their rank? How could they be champions? I disagree with the BCS. There shoud be a top ten playoff system but that idiots comments about LSU be only a "Co-Champ"...get real. You guys at UT got worked up over a 17yr. olds cocky whim. Even a lye maybe but he is 17.. how old are you? You trashed him like you knew him or his parents. I am not defending him because I like him and think he is going to be great. The greatest ones like M Jordan or W. Payton never needed to trash talk. It just amazes me that you guys wrote all that about a kid. You call him a liar but if you were honest (and I don't blame you) you were just pissed at the time. Now a year later you can see the foolishness of it because RP is not even starting so you seem really satisfied. I wish RP the best, maturity and that he does pan out to be as good as VY. We need more great humble guys like VY who know they are special but still have a sense of humor. We need some mature UT fans to step up and do the same. Mack is class one.. I hated to see him leave Tulane. I am still a UT fan despite the comments and I hope Deep South football remains on the top... Pac 10 sucks... Big 10 is over rated... the SEC is too talented and UT Rocked the nation this year. HOOKEM Tigers......

Posted on January 22, 2006 at 02:41 AM

66 DJA said...

Anyone that has something negative to say about my boy, I got one thing to say to yall. Fu** all of yall. Yall really got a serious problem. Like I said earlier it was his choice and he picked what he wanted to do. If yall jack asses had talent yall could have made your on decision and you wouldn't be riding his [expletive deleted] right now. And if you are wondering why I taking up for Ryan, it is because I am a friend from his younger days.

Posted on January 23, 2006 at 10:46 PM

67 RP's riding the bench said...

I wonder how the crow tasted Perri-loser had to eat...LOL! Suck it up

Posted on January 25, 2006 at 10:27 AM

68 stone said...

after I calmed down because my HORNS are the National Champs one name came to mind... Ryan Perrilloux.... haha you punk ass benedict arnold, ride the pine at LSU!!! You had the chance to sit a year under the best quarterback in college history and try to defend the National title...

as Mr. Forman from that 70's show would say to Erick... "Dumbass!!!"

and who the f*ck is Adrian Peterson? oh yeah the yalented running back on the declining Sooners... yep they seem to get the smart ones at OU

Posted on April 10, 2006 at 09:35 PM

69 Vince said...

I just linked to this story/discussion on my fantasy college football site - Brian, you have done an excellent job creating a passionate community of fans.

PS - RP needs to lay off the carbs, na'mean? He is destined for one of those semi-pro indoor leagues if he keeps this up.

Posted on May 09, 2006 at 07:16 PM

70 Troy Smith said...

Can't wait to demolish the horns in September.

Posted on July 30, 2006 at 08:27 PM

71 The Deej said...

Texas' defense is going to wipe the turf of DKR with Troy Smith and Ted Ginn. The crowd is going to be more hostile than the slipper was last year, and Ohio State's bid for revenge is going to be denied by the end of the first half. Texas' D is just too good, and any schlomo that can throw a ball would have success with an offense with so many powerhouses playing skill positions. Tell Tressel to pack some Depends in with his sweatervest come September 9th.

Posted on July 31, 2006 at 09:36 AM

72 Aharon said...

Look.The dude is good...therefore he goes to school wherever ge wants..He didnt even start at LSU....so ..to all... shut up! Leave him alone

Posted on August 09, 2006 at 12:07 AM

73 Johnny said...

The bum just got arrested for counterfeiting!!!!!!!!

Posted on January 10, 2007 at 07:06 PM

74 Elvira said...

He is under federal investigation in Baton Rouge, has not been arrested.

Posted on January 10, 2007 at 08:46 PM

75 Tiger55 said...

Quit Whining! That's all I hear from you, Whine whine whine. Just keep calling him a punk when he's torching your defense for 400 yrds and saturdays. Bitches these days!

Posted on January 10, 2007 at 09:21 PM

76 ajax said...

400 yards, huh. Do you think he can start for the federal prison team?

Posted on January 10, 2007 at 09:52 PM

77 chas said...

keep in mind the only "dispute" with LSU being national champs was the AP...the same sports flunkies that said Fla shouldnt even be on the field with the "too fast' too talented Ohio state U (were wrong)... the AP has writers, not players, not many former players, they go with the flow and the high profile teams, as ESPN claiming USC the preseason favorite before their bowl game was even over, the writers had Saints where? in preseason? Tony Romo in the probowl was because fans belived what they told them to, Dallas the team to beat? AP sportswriters and ESPN....wake up world... quite believing what you read and hear. Believe what you see....you saw LSU beat OSU, you saw USC get stomped that year when they were on their way to National championship game, just like this year, you saw them get beat. The proof is in the final score and who holds up the crystal ball, not in what the writers think.

Posted on January 11, 2007 at 08:29 PM

78 Joe said...

How's your boy gonna be torching anything other than a bench press when he's behind bars?

Proved himself to be the punk we knew he was.

Posted on January 12, 2007 at 12:32 AM

79 unknown said...

TO THE ***** THAT STARTED THIS PAGE, SUCK A ****, ****, **** ****!!!!


Posted on January 12, 2007 at 09:00 PM

80 Brian said...

Nice grasp of English there buddy. First off your comment is next to incomprehensible, and secondly I never said he was arrested. He's under federal investigation and that's 100% fact.

And the NFL Draft? Ha... Might want to not be third and second string at LSU before you make NFL plans.

Posted on January 12, 2007 at 09:13 PM

81 Brett527 said...

i am excited with the type of offense LSU will have with the new Oc and OLC.. perrilloux will be great when his chance comes but he might have to wait another year.. flynn has talent and leadership.. in the end we will all find out when the games have been played... LSU will win 2 NC in the next 4 years in my opinion... either flynn or perrilloux next year the national title is coming back to louisiana!

Posted on January 23, 2007 at 02:59 PM

82 Donnie Ashley said...

I just stumbled upon this article kind of checking on LSU's quarterback situation. It is interesting reading your original comment about Perrilloux. It appears (tragically so) that you hit the nail on the head long ago. You can fertilize a fern til the day you die, but it still won't grow a rose. I think that's the situation here. Coach Miles should get rid of this kid before he brings real trouble to the program.

Posted on January 28, 2007 at 10:39 AM

83 George R. Heard said...

Wow! What a site! Doesn't anyone who writes in to this site have more than a 2nd grade grasp of the english language? I think you UT fans shouldn't worry so much about one kid- if I were you, I'd worry about the entire teams, like Ohio State, and Les Miles led LSU. You know, we have our problems, too- Nick Saban and Alabama. So, I look forward to another season of football, tailgaiting, and bowling. By the way, why are Crack and Notre Dame alike? They both get smoked in a bowl!! George, LSU Class of '89. GEAUX!

Posted on February 10, 2007 at 02:09 PM

84 nate said...

wow,just wow....like grh said you people need to master english before you post.(maybe just a little).i guess if i lived in a state that was corrupt at all levels the school system would also be lacking.......

Posted on March 02, 2007 at 09:52 AM

85 And Paul said...

Ahhh yes researching RP aka water boy, of lsu situation. And i notice a few Vince young bashers as well as UT bashers...

Lets rewind back a a few. 2005 Undisputed national champs, Rewind 2 years later 2003 i believe the horns Slap a loss on LS WHO?
Fun fact LSU loves recruiting from Texas. Guess the talent there isn't as cracked up as they made it to be So much for "TXU."

As far as RP goes, he has low integrity and moral for that act he pulled. Are us horn fans upset heck yeah we are, but here is an interesting situation. The Gatorade player of the year who decided between UT and FL was top QB ,and he choose Florida. Were us horn fans upset? No absolutely not, mainly because he had the moral to let us know in advance giving us time to search for another QB.

In short we did, we now have Riley dodge of the the 3 time national champion South Lake Carroll dragons, who if i may add dismantled one Louisiana's top football teams into bits and pieces.

LSU? Future national champs? Not even close Texas and USC have the best recruiting class like always expect rematch while LSU will just be watching on tv.

Posted on March 25, 2007 at 02:07 AM

86 UTballa867825361 said...

Who's laughin' now LSU fans? When Perrilloux said "JaMarcus Russel struggled last year..." who cares about it now, he was the starter all along and is now the #1 Overall pick of the 2007 Draft. Flynn is going to start next year, no doubt. Texas is fine without him, our freshman QB had better stats than Troy Smith, Chris Leak and Brady Quinn through the first half of the season, then he got injured and what not. Perrilloux could have had a National Championship ring as a backup, but he doesn't. All you can do is laugh at this loser.

Posted on May 24, 2007 at 11:52 PM

87 UTballa867825361 said...

I forgot to add this to my last comment, but "Blessing in disguise" couldn't have been stated more accurately. I remember this kid thought he was hot stuff, had his own website (www.ryan11.com) that totally sucked and listed all his stats. His stats dont matter now, because he barely has any. Heres one for you

Minutes on the bench: A lot...and still counting

This liar had it comin' all along.

Posted on May 24, 2007 at 11:55 PM

88 travis perrilloux said...

dude you suck just move on and you must have no life to just sit there and make a website about him dude get a life im only 14 and i dont get mad and make a website about someone a barely know just based on what he/she did

Posted on May 26, 2007 at 02:44 PM

89 Brian said...

Travis this is a webpage not a website. It took at most 15 minutes to write this two years ago. And by the way it sure looks like I was right on. Hope Ryan enjoys the bench if he's on the team and not in jail.

Posted on May 26, 2007 at 07:00 PM

90 paul schnyder said...

If you don,t know RP leave him alone,He will be a star every one will be proud of and will enjoy seeing.I,ve watched him thru His entire High School career and I have never seen a more talented player. Ryan, given the chance will excel as one of the best playern to come from this State. God bless You and be with You and Your family, Ryan. Hang in there.

Posted on May 30, 2007 at 07:37 PM

91 Ryan's Girl said...

Everyone has the right to change thier mind and do what they want to do. Maybe he didn't want the press to find out right away about his decision. To me, you're just a bitter fan who's mad that TEXAS will not be able to have such a talented player as Ryan. His personal life and what happens off the field has nothing to do with his talent on the field. It's his personal life and the only thing that matters is that he turns his life around and keeps the media out of his personal buisness.

Ryan is a wonderful person who just made a couple of mistakes. Who cares that he wont be starting??? Matt Flynn will not be able to handle his position. Ryan will get playing time and that should shut a lot of people up. HE is a very talented player and he will show everyone that this year!!

Posted on July 28, 2007 at 10:01 PM

92 chris said...

Ryan Perrilloux is a loser and he is playing for a college in a state full of losers. You are right Cali-Girl steve, Texas is not in the lsu equation for success. But only because we like to win.

Posted on August 15, 2007 at 02:44 PM

93 Andy said...

Who is Ryan Perrilloux?

Posted on August 22, 2007 at 01:47 AM

94 Just sayin ... said...

LSU's Matt Flynn looked pretty good tonight in the 2007 opener. I saw Early Doucet, but I couldn't find highly-touted Ryan Perilloux.

The claims, supposed or not, that he's better than JaMarcus and Vince Young looking highly laughable in hindsight.

Posted on August 30, 2007 at 11:59 PM

95 paul schnyder said...

All the negative comments about Ryan will really make a da_ _ fool out of U, when U see him put up the stats and show what a outstanding player and Super Star he is. The most talented football player in these United States. Stop, Look and Listen.

Posted on September 13, 2007 at 10:46 PM

96 Mike said...

Well, LSU is #1 and the boy Perrilloux is scoring TD's and splitting time with Flynn. There is a reason for that, his talent is to great. He is cleaning his act up, and getting some valuable PT. Guess who is going to start at LSU next year, hopefully two, that's right Perrilloux. By the way, how is can't beat OU Mack and Colt doing? Not so well considering they lost today. Oh and they lost last week too, ahaha. Man I agree that the boy lied and was kinda crappy if he did mislead UT to the very end, but hey, we lost McKnight and we aren't crying. We just throw in Williams/Scott/Hester/Holiday/Perrilloux/Flynn/Doucet/Lafell, man I am gettting tired of naming play makers here. The best thing that has happened to UT was VY. Mack couldn't win the big game before him, and won't win it since he is gone. Sorry, to be the bearer of bad news, UT is overrated. LSU is going to win a title this year, and I am pretty sure it will be undisputed, and UT won't make a major bowl game, again. UT = TIGERBAIT!

Posted on October 07, 2007 at 04:38 AM

97 Convoy said...

Mike is right. Texas.....HAHAHAHA! Also, I'm really impressed with LSU so far this year, and that is coming from a Buckeye. Maybe we'll sneak in the game against you, and if so, hopefully it will be more respectful than last years championship game disaster. Not sure what all this bitterness is about (claiming RP will be on the bench/being called a punk by internet nobodies, insecure, bitter FANS), I looked the guy up because I saw him play and score a bunch of touchdowns while waiting for the next OSU game. So I guess he proved you wrong, haha (internet haters always crack me up). Again, much respect to LSU, so far so good, that final drive against florida (booo) was inspirational but as always, Go Bucks!

Posted on October 08, 2007 at 12:28 PM

98 Convoy said...

Wow, I should have added before how wrong people have been about the Buckeyes. All this fuss over teams THAT HAVE ALREADY LOST. I still respect LSU, and hope they win out, cause we have a point to prove with SEC fans (ok, the Bucks played ONE terrible game, but you still went 1-2 against the Big 10 overall), and a win over BC in the BCS title game just wouldn't be fulfilling. Again, Texas lost (more than once, and is irrelevant), lol.

Posted on October 31, 2007 at 01:00 AM

99 s said...

Well I guess the proof is in the puddin here.
Ryan seems to be a punk. I know it really wasn't his fault and it's a wrong place wrong time thing but thats just the thing in the nutshell. Stuff just seems to happen around this guy. Kinda like PACMAN Jones of college. Whole lot of talent and DETERMINED TO BLOW IT ALL BY HIMSELF.

This clown needs to step outside of his body/mind and imagine where he plans to be in 5 & 10 years. With the talent he could play well on sundays. With the ATTITUDE being why me, Victim of circumstances, it's a classic case of right place/wrong time as DR John Says.

It would be nice if Ryan could leave the Hood behind and become something in 5 to 10 years. At this rate with the material,peer based,bling crazed mentality being displayed, he might more likely be doing 5/ 10 years.
Grow up kid.Your lucky enough to have some athletic talent.Try exercising your brain instead ,re-evaluate your associates,study and get right.
We'll see, but hey, who hasn't seen this movie before

Posted on November 04, 2007 at 07:42 PM

100 Z said...

As an LSU diehard, and having read some of these posts, I have to say I think Brian is the only reasonable person posting.

RP is a thug. The last year has born out exactly what Brian stated originally....RP's attitude will limit his success. The guy would be starting no question over Matt Flynn if he had the respect of his team, but he hasn't shown any leadership or maturity in his 3rd year to inspire confidence from the coaching staff.

I hope he pans out, but for now...I think he could just as likely be kicked off of the team before 2008 than be the starter. We'll see.

Posted on November 13, 2007 at 01:20 PM

101 philip said...

Good call Z, Ryan is a thug and Brian was correct about everything. LSU had a damn good football team this year but Ryan was not the reason yall had a great running back in Jacob Hester, a good quarterback in Matt Flynn a good defense and yall did get lucky in playing overrated ohio state. Although LSU might have beaten USC or Georgia anyway that would of been a great game. But none the less Ryan is a lying thug who did no good to anyone by pretending to want to go to Texas and change and the last minute.

Posted on January 10, 2008 at 04:31 PM

102 philip said...

As a diehard Texas fan i am saying i am super pumped about getting DeShawn Hayles a great running back from Kilen, Texas. He is a beast and will be great. HOOK EM

Posted on January 10, 2008 at 04:32 PM