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American Idol is a sham

February 02, 2005 at 07:42 PM

American Idol is officially fake.

Chris Wylde

Tonight one of the contestants called himself Christopher Noll, a 28 year old nanny. He loved the two little girls like they were his own. How touching. Well Mr. Noll made himself quite the spectacle, rapping instead of singing, dancing like a mad man, and rhyming things with Moesha for guest judge Brandy. It was pretty awful. Somehow Paula voted to move him on because he was the most original thing they had heard all day. Um, Paula are you on crack? Once he was thankfully voted down by the other three, he left the building swearing up and down at everyone.

For some reason, he looked strangely familiar to me.

Chris Noll is no nanny, and I don't think I would want him around my children. He is also known as Chris Wylde, a comedian and sometime actor. (Here is proof of his name change.) Chris also appeared on an episode of Trading Spaces. Not a good sign when the only acting jobs you can get are on reality television. He did have his own show on Comedy Central that may or may not still come on. I couldn't find it at TiVo.com or TVGuide.com. Though it does still appear on The Comedy Channel, the only television channel devoted to making Australians laugh.

Chris Wylde

What is reality TV coming to? There's plenty of crappy, idiotic, a**hole people in real life without slipping actors into your shows. I'm sure you could throw a rock out the window and hit someone funnier than Chris Wylde who was willing to whore themselves for their fifteen minutes of fame.

American Idol was the only reality show I watched, eventhough I knew it was at least somewhat scripted. And I knew some people weren't as bad or as clueless as they acted. Now how do I know what people are even real or not. How many of the contestants or actors? Was good old Bill Hung a hoax? Do they know the finalists from the very beginning? Is Clay Aiken really a girl?

Somebody call me when all this crap is off the air.

Update: I totally want credit for pointing this out first, but it looks like I wasn't the only one who noticed. The Jaded Journalist, MSNBC, Reality Blurred, Reailty TV Magazine, and Diner B****. That last b**** may be the only one who beat me to it.

Update 2: Jaded Journalist comments again. Great quote: If Idol really wanted to send a comedian onto the show for guaranteed laughs, don't you think they'd pick an actual funny person who can provide actual laughs? Ouch.


1 actionBERG said...

Man, you are weirder than I thought if you someone remembered him from a Trading Spaces show. Stop watching that crap!

Posted on February 02, 2005 at 10:32 PM

2 Brian said...

Trading spaces wasn't that bad when it first came on. That was ages ago that I watched it, I don't even know what channel TLC is here in Dallas if that tells you anything. Now there's a hundred similar shows on every different network, and most of them are better than Trading Spaces.

Plus, they canned Paige Davis.

Posted on February 03, 2005 at 09:12 AM

3 Kaila said...

Why do you hate so much on Chris Wylde? Your just crushed that your "reality-tv" world has crashed around you. I applaud him for having the sense to sneak in there and dupe them. Greatest career move yet. He is smarter than you give him credit for. American Idol is an awful excercise in humiliation and in no way represents what true singing talent is. Bravo Chris for doing what you did! They should be taken off the air anyhow.

Posted on February 05, 2005 at 02:24 AM

4 Brian said...

If that classifies as his greatest career move yet, that's really pathetic. And I don't have a reality TV world, I don't watch that crap.

Posted on February 05, 2005 at 11:35 AM

5 Karni said...

I firmly disagree. My awareness of Chris' talent spans more than the past decade since we worked together on high school productions and I can vouch that he is by far the most original, brilliant, and witty improvisational actor I've ever seen.

If you truly knew anything about Chris Noll's training, experience, and credentials--or perhaps even saw any of his past work, such as hosting an entire Thanksgiving episode of his Comedy Central late night talk show completely nude--maybe you wouldn't be so blindly critical of his brand of humor? But hey, it's your blog, dude.


Posted on March 28, 2005 at 03:25 PM

6 Brian said...

Yeah nothing screams "talented" more than hosting things in the nude. If that's the best example of his brand of humor you can come up with, than he's even less funny than I thought.

His work as the DiGiorno delivery guy sure was underrated though, that was the role of a lifetime.

Posted on March 28, 2005 at 04:06 PM

7 Kenny said...

I agree with Brian...That's like Tom Green right there. If your resume is so dry you have to do nude stunts to gain any attention. You're one bad comedian. I have stuff under my belt as a rogue class clown. Anything from physical comedy to racial humor. I have more street cred than Chris. And yet I've never once had to emasculate myself by airing my dick on national television. And I'm sure you'll say I can't get on TV. I don't want to. I'm just pointing out that I'm probably funnier. xD. Lol jk. That's pretty high horsed of me. I really don't know if I am or not. But if that nude stunt is true, it should be pretty damn easy for ME to get my own air time. Kaila's right also. Fuck American Idol. The only one who's made anything is that Kelly Clarkson or w/e. and she sucks live.

Posted on October 17, 2007 at 03:10 PM