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eBay phishing scam

January 24, 2005 at 10:19 PM

I just received my first half-decent phishing attempt in an email. I've received several of them from PayPal before but never actually believed any of those for a minute. I don't know why, maybe I just wasn't paying very close attention, but I actually fell for this one at first and had to read it closely before I realized it was a fake.

eBay phishing email

If I had actually read the thing, I would've known right away that it wasn't legit because of the Your credit/debit card information must be updated. If they want your credit card info that's a dead giveaway you're being suckered. But I just glanced over that and saw that a foreign IP address had repeatedly tried to log in and that they had suspended my account.

Fortunately, I actually read before I clicked the link and I noticed that the link wasn't to eBay.com but instead to arrabidaebay.com. Uhhhh, duh that's not real. So then I went back and actually read the email. First off, I don't even have an eBay account with that email address. Second, what does it mean whey they say they will temporally suspend my account? Inability to spell or choose the proper word is another rather obvious sign.

So I got lucky this time, if they had done a better job and actually hidden the real URL I was clicking instead of just hoping I was retarded, I probably would have clicked it. I'm pretty sure I would've noticed quickly when it took me to a page asking for a credit card number. Since I'm using Firefox there's not much harm they can do through the web without my permission, but this kind of stuff makes me worried about what normal web users would fall for.

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