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More on GMail

May 03, 2004 at 10:15 AM

Really interesting thoughts on GMail from Brad Choate. (Whose site I found because of his MT plug-ins, namely EmbedImage.) He hypothesizes that not only will Google be able to offer 1 GB of free email storage, but may even be able to pay people to use the service. Or at least for clicking on ads they see.

If I'm going to be targeted by ads (by DoubleClick, etc) I might as well get to see ads of stuff I'm actually interested in. And if I get paid a slight amount for it even better. I'd like to look at their privacy policy (can't because of work's firewall) and see exactly what they're planning to do with all this personal info gleaned from my personal emails. And what about people stupid enough to send credit card info, SSN's, and the like via email? What will GMail do when it sees 16 digits in a row? How do they keep dishonest employees/hackers from using their software for evil.

I like the idea of GMail a lot, and I like Mr. Choate's ideas as well. But unless Google assures me of my relative privacy, I will have my reservations about using it as my primary email.

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