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Vista and Cisco VPN don't play nice

February 03, 2007 at 05:00 PM

Picked up a new Vista-powered laptop this week (replacement to one Best Buy/Geek Squad messed up) for the wife. Pretty much just needed to surf the web, do a little image editing, and HTML/CSS dev, and other pretty basic stuff. The only thing she really needs it for is to access her work computer so she can work from home.

Of course we quickly got hit with one of the biggest perils of early adoption: software incompatibilities. The version of Cisco's VPN provided by her work doesn't work with Vista. A quick Google revealed that the newest available beta seems to work with Vista, but unfortunately her office IT staff isn't moving too quickly on it. Hopefully the get the latest version configured for their network soon so I can stop listening to her bitching whining valid complaints.

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