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TiVo Camouflage

April 15, 2006 at 11:11 AM

Hilarious question posed to Bill Simmons' latest mailbag on ESPN.com this week:

Q: I love TiVo, but why can't I change the name of my saved shows? In the days of the video, I could tape what I want, change the name to "Broncos Highlights -- 1994" and rest assured my wife would never look at it. Now, if I TiVo something she might not like, "Naughty Nurses" is right on the saved list. Has there ever been a better product with such an obvious oversight?
--Brendan Lane, Darnestown, Md.

SG: You're a genius. They should add a special feature called "TiVo Camouflage" for an extra $9.95 a month. Every time you record a movie like "Naughty Nurses," TiVo Camouflage automatically changes the title of the show to something concurrently running on the NFL Network. That can't miss.

That's pretty freaking funny. TiVo Camouflage is a great name for it too. Sad thing is I have about 20 burned DVD's labeled with Longhorn games and they're all actually Longhorn games. (I'm watching one of them now.)

(via PVRblog)

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