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Food from grocery stores and other minor league hardships

April 15, 2006 at 05:32 PM

Stupid kid from nearby Rowlett, Texas gave up on his (and just about a million other kids) lifetime dream after 3 freaking days and walked away from a $460,000 deal with the Colorado Rockies. Hmmm... playing baseball for a living or going to school at Richland Community College? I can see why Kyle Hancock is having such a tough time wrestling with that decision.

The next stop on the road trip was Orem, Utah. Hancock, hoping to chow down on a hamburger, was dismayed when the team bus stopped at an Albertson's for food before leaving Idaho Falls. And he described the overnight trip in the cramped bus as "awful."

That may be one of the dumbest, most immature comments I've ever heard. Poor baby didn't get a hamburger and was forced to use his per diem at a high-end grocery store. Food from a grocery store? How could anyone survive such horrors! That must've been a life-altering three days. Someone should've let him know they do sell hamburger meat and other such food products at Albertson's.

Sounds like young Mr. Hancock could be working at an Albertson's in a couple of years if he doesn't wise up and go beg the Rockies to let him come back.

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