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People may think pro athletes are dumb...

March 23, 2006 at 08:48 PM

But apparently their family members are even less intelligent.

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Tyrone Carter was fortunate enough to get a chance to play in Super Bowl XL and I guess his brother thought he might never get another chance to see this happen. Instead of showing up for the beginning of his six month prison sentence on January 6th, Tank Carter decided to skip town and party with Snoop Dogg in Detroit.

The price of all that partying and watching your brother in the biggest game of his life? Four-plus years of his own life. Instead of a six-month sentence he'll now be spending the next five years thinking about those good times in a Broward County prison.

Someone should've told Tank they probably had every TV in the joint tuned to ABC and the game.

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1 Spicoli said...

I agree with you Tyrone Carter is a dumbass just because he is on the Pittsburg steelers and they are a bounch of lucky bastards. The Steelers are a team full of dumbasses and here are a few more: TO, Chad Johnson, and Keyshaun Johnson. However not every Pro athleate is a dumb ass infact in my opinion most of them are smart except for B-Ball athleates thoes guys can go to hell.

Posted on July 06, 2006 at 10:06 AM