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10 ideas on how to give the NHL a tune-up

March 29, 2005 at 01:52 PM
Hockey rule changes before and after

ESPN writer John Buccigross has some good ideas to improve the game of hockey and give the NHL a tune up. Most of them sound reasonable, but here's my list of changes I think the league should consider:

  1. Every game in high definition
  2. No more ice, play it on grass
  3. Increase number of players on each team from 6 to 11
  4. Convert nets to large Y-shaped vertical structures
  5. Buy out Grande, dissolve it, give me Comcast
  6. Make puck out of leather, full of air, and give it an oblong shape
  7. Outlaw skates, require shoes with molded rubber spikes on the bottom
  8. Replace red line and blue lines with ten, twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty yard lines
  9. Actually play some games
  10. Change the name, in the future refer to it only as football

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1 Spicoli said...

Ok thoes are all good ideas, but don't forget pro hockey needs to be shown in HD in all of the mid west. Let me say that I live in Greencastle Indiana and I know a-lot of Pro Hockey fans and the only time the NHL is ever on is durring the stanley cup playoffs and it pisses me off I am sick of pro basket ball that is all I ever get in my town.

Posted on July 08, 2006 at 06:27 PM