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Texas is going to the Rose Bowl!!!

December 05, 2004 at 05:21 PM

Texas has passed Cal in the BCS Standings and are headed to the Rose Bowl! Woohoo!

Rose Bowl logo

It sucks for Cal that they're not going and a crappy team like Pitt is, but I'm about to go nuts with all these morons claiming this is some sort of travesty or conspiracy. Both teams deserve to go, the difference between Texas and Cal is negligible.

Both teams won 10 and lost 1. Cal lost to the number one team, Texas lost to the number two team. Both teams almost choked against crappy teams, Texas squeaked by Kansas 27-23 and Cal needed a dropped pass to beat Oregon 28-27.

So far the two teams are pretty even, so let's look at who they've beaten this year. Texas beat four teams that were ranked in the Top 25 at the time they played. While Cal only beat one similarly ranked team.

What about non-conference schedules? Texas' three out of conference opponents featured an archrival SEC team on the road and a conference champion from the Sun Belt. Meanwhile, Cal played teams from Conference-USA, the Mountain West, and a sub-.500 team from the Sun Belt.

Rose Bowl - Texas vs Michigan

Then the last straw for me is the circular logic that Cal should be number four because they're number four. Um... what? Just because they were ranked ahead of Texas doesn't necessarily mean they should stay ranked ahead. For many coaches and AP voters, the past two weekends was their first opportunity to really watch some of these teams. What did they see? They saw Texas dominate one of it's main rivals on a national stage. Then this weekend they watched USC struggle against a horrendous UCLA team, Oklahoma hammer an average Colorado team, and finally Cal struggle against an average Southern Miss team. So Texas and their one loss won convincingly, while Cal and their one loss struggled.

Cal has every right to be pisses and there is definitely flaws in the BCS system, but you're pointing the finger in the wrong direction. The problem isn't Texas getting in, it's the fact that the dreadful Big East is still guaranteed a slot.

Update: Check out this screenshot. I told you people Trev Alberts was a tool, looks like ESPN agrees.

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