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Randy Johnson perfect versus Braves

May 18, 2004 at 09:56 PM
Randy Johnson throws perfect game

I got lucky and flipped to Braves game in the seventh and noticed they were hitless against the Diamondbacks. Turns out they hadn't been on base and Randy Johnson was throwing a perfect game. (Braves struck 18 times Sunday, they're not hitting for shit.) He got six more outs and completed the perfecto, you should've seen how excited his catcher (Robby Hammock) was. He was jumping up and down, and Randy was just smiling like a big ugly happy guy. A little later you see Hammock come up again with this look of pure awe and respect of his pitcher, he humbly shook Johnson's hand and said congratulations. I was rooting for Randy for a little bit but when it came down to that last out I was hoping Eddie Perez would at least make contact. The Braves are three games under .500, not playing well and aren't healthy. They need help.

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