Vision Pro edition reveal live thoughts

With that glass, aluminum band, and brown, the Vison Pro really looks like a face sized Apple Watch.

Damnit I kinda want one.

Ok the spatial video example of you wearing the headset to capture 3d video while the family is singing happy birthday to your kid is truly dystopian. Surprised Apple showcased that type of example even to highlight the camera capabilities. Feels like something Zuckerberg would do.

Oh shoot I didn’t even think about this thing on college football Saturdays. Ummmm when is the preorder?

All this assumes it doesn’t make me want to vomit after 90 seconds.

Finally someone is bringing the lenticular technology of Sportsflics and Kellogs Corn Flakes into the modern age.

They put interacting with a kid in the TV commercial. ??‍♂️

Overall, super excited after watching that demo. Really surprised by the misstep of putting the video of interacting with family into it. They could have shown all of that and all the features with the pass through in more professional environment which would have felt a little less awful for the future of humanity IMHO. When future versions are more like $2,500 I would definitely be interested in one instead of upgrading my iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro for an extra year or so.