Apple WWDC 2023 live thoughts

I don’t know about the Messages apps being an extra step away. I use the Giphy Messages app a lot. But I do love the stickers coming everywhere and being easy to create. (I’ve loved using Sticker Drop.)

God I hope the autocorrect truly is better/fixed. #ducking

I’ve tried using Day One many times, including paying for it repeatedly. The new Journal app is definitely intriguing. And glad to see their is an API for it.

iPhone’s new standby mode will result in at least one maybe two fewer Amazon Echos I need in my life.

As long as MLB and YouTube apps work well on iPadOS 17 I’ll likely be running the beta later today already. I don’t do anything remotely critical on it and am interested in messing around with all the updates shared with iOS as well as iPad specific stuff like widgets and Live Activities. Is the journaling app coming to iPadOS?

Thank goodness for desktop widgets on MacOS. Doing so many hacky things right now to try to recreate this functionality. Can we also see more than THREE notifications at one time?? #finally

(I still miss Konfabulator.)