Video: An introduction to Photoshop’s Generative Fill

Adobe’s five minute demo of their new AI-based Generative Fill feature in Photoshop is absolutely incredible. Check it out:

I think using AI for iterative creation like this could be the more interesting new capability AI gives us, at least for for a little while. Fabricating new images from thin air still has so many obvious flaws (ethically, technically, and artistically) so this type of use seems like it could be both more successful while also less ethically murky.

ChatGPT does NOT recommend using Mac IE 5.5

My mind was completely blanking on the methods/terms we used “back in the day” to target Mac IE 5.5 with CSS overrides and I even struck out on DuckDuckGo so I asked ChatGPT 4. In addition to giving me the answer I was looking for and code examples, it also first spent several paragraphs first telling me how ancient that browser and what a terrible idea it was to even try to support it.

And then closing with reiterating AGAIN how “strongly it recommended not targeting such an old browser” and told me to convince users to upgrade to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. 😂