Information on candidates for school board and city council seats is sorely lacking

It’s sad that the best way for me to know who to vote for in city council and school board races is to drive by and look at the signs in the yard of the one neighbor’s house who I know is both in the loop on local stuff and not a book burning nutjob.

I spent a good 30 minutes Googling and reading various articles without much luck. A couple made their extremism loud and clear and then and several others mentioned cutting taxes two dozen times (including on completely unrelated questions.) Sadly, many of the candidates don’t even respond to the various survey/interview requests so there’s zero information on where they stand on any issue.

You can however search the Federal Election Commission database to see the past political donations the candidates have made it is often more revealing than a bunch of vague answers in an interview about what they actually believe in.

Get out and vote folks, local elections are just as important as national ones and are often decided by a shockingly small number of voters.