Use AI to highlight and summarize podcasts with Snipd

Been enjoying using Snipd lately for capturing podcast notes/highlights.

Anytime there’s something I want to capture I mark it and their AI generates transcripts & highlights. Those highlights are then automatically exported to my PKM (Obsidian) making it easy find later for future reference. Worth checking out if you listen to a lot of podcasts and especially if you’re already using some sort of system to save the highlights to.

Check out this example of a snippet from a recent episode of Cal Newport’s podcast:

I still use Overcast for all my tech/sports/entertainment podcast listening, but having a separate app for my business/design/productivity shows that helps me remember what I learn has been really useful.

The state of the podcast advertising market

I’m not sure if it’s a indication on the state of the podcast ad market as a whole or just of iHeart’s always awful ads, but it sure is annoying to hear the same 2 minute ad for a dumbass “smart” oven 3 times during a 12 minute episode of a podcast.

And even worse when listening to the The Ticket Top 10, to hear it back to back because the next episode is another episode of the same 8-12 minute podcast.

I mean I guess it’s less annoying than hearing all their ads for other iHeart shows that always sound SO AWFUL. I won’t name names that aren’t huge evil media conglomerates, but pretty much every podcast ad I’ve ever heard on any podcast network (other than RelayFM) always sounds like the absolute dumbest thing ever. Is that what ads for podcasts I like sound like to normal humans?

Five Podcasts for People Who Work on the Web

The web changes every day.

The best marketing ideas or the coolest programming techniques in January can be outdated by November. My desk is littered with fantastic books on web development design and my Delicious and Instapaper accounts are full of great articles on content strategy and user experience, but one of the best ways to learn about the latest strategies on the web is by listening to podcasts.

In less than an hour while on your way to work you can keep up to date on the latest web trends. If you’re not already tuned in, read on to learn about five great podcasts that you should be listening to.

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