Watching: Changeling

Rented Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie’s Changeling from Netflix and finally had a chance to watch it last night. The movie is a little slow and frustrating to watch, partly due to the incredibly frustrating events of the real life story. That results in a movie that isn’t bad but really isn’t fun to watch.

Overall not bad, but I found reading the Wikipedia entries (spoilers) on the real life events much more interesting.

Rating: 2/5 stars


Watching: The Hangover

Watched The Hangover with the wife this weekend and had a pretty good time. A little raunchy & not a ton of plot or character development (certainly not Judd Apatow quality), but overall the movie was incredibly funny and a good watch. Definitely a guys movie, so go with your buds not your ball and chain.

Rating: 4/5 stars


Watching: Yes Man

Yes Man is a movie I wasn’t overly interested in watching but I wanted a mindless comedy and there weren’t a ton of recent movies on Netflix that fit that bill. The movie was dumb but shockingly funny and had me laughing throughout despite it’s many plot problems. The first Jim Carrey movie I’ve enjoyed in quite some time.

Rating: 3/5 stars


Shut the hell up Ashton

Ashton Kutcher said this on his Twitter:

‘Considering how well fighting 4 freedom in Iraq went, I dont know that we should B jumping in2 this Iran deal. I think that truly the only people that can change things in Iran are the Iranians themselves and they seem to be speaking their minds now.’

WWTDD responds admirably:

Hmm. Should we B jumping in2 this? I thought so be4 but now 404. I’d really like to hear what Drew Barrymore has to say on the matter before I make up my mind. Drew, ?4U. R Srs Bzns. I’m sending a kitty kat so you dont forget. =^..^=

I hate celebrities.