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Lottie is an iOS, Android, and React Native library that lets you easily add high quality, small file size animations to any app. Be sure to also check out the free resource for tons of animations to download.

First Run UX is catalog of first run user experiences in mobile apps and other products curated by Krystal Higgins. Great resource for inspiration and best practices to make sure new users to your app hit the ground running.


Tesla Apple Watch app

Eleks Labs has written up a really interesting look at their Tesla Apple Watch app. The walkthrough of the process and technical details is a good read for anyone interested in doing their own Apple Watch work. Both their UX decisions and workarounds due to technical limitations seem like they’re going to be valuable lessons.

Apple iWatch concept design

Incredibly appealing design concept for the mythical iWatch by Todd Ham. Looks like a mix of a iOS 7 and an incredible screen on a Nike Fuelband form factor.

Looks fantastic but I’d probably cut another 50% of the functionality demoed and simplify even further. My guess is Apple will too. If they ever do actually release an iWatch my hunch is that it would be a phone companion device focused on health/fitness and won’t tackle tasks such as initiating calls. I also hope it would have a 10x more helpful lock screen than just a clock.

Shiny Development has created a great resource for iOS app developers by aggregating the average App Store review times based on data crowdsourced from developers on Twitter.

Adobe Generator is real-time asset generation within Photoshop CC and it looks potentially really cool. Automatically creates image assets (including simultaneous 1x and 2x files) while you work based on layer naming conventions.

This great looking Google Maps-driven bakery site was making the Twitter rounds today. Give it several minutes to load but its an extremely interesting idea. Not sure I’ve seen a site powered by Google Maps before. Cute illustration and animations too.