We’ve been having the conversation regularly at the day job recently about how much time and effort we should be investing in dark theme component variants, and Brad Frost coincidentally just linked to a great article from CommandBar exploring that same question.

An Event Apart is shutting down: aneventapart.com

AEA Austin in 2012 was one of the first big design industry conferences where I didn’t feel like a complete impostor. At least not for the entire time. Ha. I was making plans to attend An Event Apart in DC in 2020 when everything shut down.

The Houston Chronicle has a gallery of vintage photos of Schlitterbahn that really bring back memories of pretty much every moment of my childhood summers growing up. These look like they’re mostly from the 80s so some stuff changed by my era, but really crazy how vivid these make my memories.

EmuDeck is an install package for the Steam Deck that helps set up all the emulators, folders, and configurations you’ll need to get started playing retro games on the device. Run the package and then all you have to do is copy your own ROMs to the created folders.

Dell is making a new 2022 laptop with all the drawbacks of the now deceased MacBook Touchbar and none of the benefits. No real keys, but not customizable at all. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Fanatics, a company that doesn’t make trading cards, got exclusive rights to make MLB cards and drove Topps out of business on their 70th anniversary. Fanatics has now acquired Topps.

My brother and I have a Topps baseball complete set of every year back to 1987. Unnecessary money grab by MLB and MLBPA to end 7 decades of history.


Braves win 1st World Series title since 1995

Like a lot of 90s kids, I watched the Atlanta Braves because they were on TBS every day after school and became a lifetime fan when Sid Bream slid home safely to beat the Pirates in 1992. From the age 11 until I was 25 years old they, remarkably, won their division every single year but only managed to win a single World Series title in 1995 . Yesterday, they finally won the whole damn thing again*.

I really hadn’t watched many Braves or MLB games in general since the mid 2000s, but during 2020 when most everything else was shut down baseball returned without fans and I watched pretty much every Braves game on MLB.tv. It was quite a respite and some sort of pseudo normalcy/reminder of my youth to be able to put on a Braves game every day in the background of my not currently normal life. I watched almost every game this year as well and it was quite special as fan to be able to root along as the Braves made an improbable late season and playoff run.


How This Texas Town Became One of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities

New Braunfels grew and changed a ton while I grew up there until I left for college at 18. Both of those things have only increased in the 20 years since.

The New York Times did a profile on why New Braunfels is one of America’s fastest-growing cities and talks of course about it’s German roots, Schlitterbahn, and Gruene Hall but also how being situated directly between Austin and San Antonio has resulted in explosive growth and change.

(In a sign that the small town roots are still there, there are also several quotes from my middle school principal and friend’s dad who is now the current mayor.)