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My Xbox 360 is dead

October 01, 2007 at 10:38 PM

Picked up a copy of Halo 3 at lunch today. Got home tonight and the wife was out so I thought I'd pop it in and get a rare half hour of game time in. I unwrap the game, check out the manual for a bit, and then excitedly put the game in my Xbox 360 to play for a few minutes before dinner.

The game comes up and I spend about 30 seconds looking around in the settings before I start to have video problems. There was blue interference or something and it got worse and worse over the next 60 seconds before I decided to try to restart the 360. That was the last I saw of my system alive...

dead xbox360

When I restarted the Xbox 360 it was now not displaying any video. I jimmied with the video connections and tried to restart again to see if the issue would clear up. The system never came back on. I received the dreaded (and extremely common) "red ring of death" on my console. The three red flashing lights indiciate a "general hardware failure" and means the system will have to repaired. Because of the updated three-year warranty I can call up Microsoft and get a replacement Xbox 360 for free but it'll probably be at least a few weeks before that process finishes. Hopefully they replace my system with one of the newer, quieter, cooler, less crappy systems and not a refurbished unit.

With the rumored $400 PlayStation 3 coming in mid-October, if I still don't have my Xbox 360 back I might have to pick up a PS3 a little earlier than I had planned.

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