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Dell buys 1UP?

January 08, 2007 at 08:55 PM
Dell and 1UP

Okay no they didn't. But Destructoid.com is claiming that Dell has bought 1UP and Electronic Gaming Monthly based on this Dell-branded page at dell.1up.com. There's definitely some sort of relationship between Dell and 1UP.com but the page sure doesn't prove Dell has actually acquired EGM and 1UP as the guys from Destructoid conclude.

You only get the Dell logo and banner if you first visit the Dell landing page first and that Dell landing page is at least a month out of date, Zelda for the Gamecube is still one of the top stories. This is just some sort of partnership between the two sites to promote each other. I can jump to the same conclusions and claim Dell has purchased Yahoo based on clicking the music tab. And since they were on a roll they went ahead and bought Google too.

Companies enter into these kinds of partnerships all the time, I even did something similar for one of my clients as a part of a deal with Travelocity. Just because there's an additional logo or navigation doesn't mean a multi-million business deal has gone down.

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