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Apple iPhone announced

January 11, 2007 at 09:51 PM

Apple announced the new iPhone at Tuesday's MacWorld keynote (live blog from Engadget or just the photos) and I must have one.

The thing is incredible looking and pretty darn powerful too. It's a cool cellphone, widescreen iPod, and an Internet device. No buttons, everything is done through a sleek touchscreen interface. The full blown Safari browser on the phone actually looks incredibly useful (unlike most mobile browsers.) Includes a 4 or 8 GB hard drive for music and movies.

The iPhone will only be available through Cingular (boo!) starting in June for $500 (4 GB) or $600 (8 GB). Even as bad as I want I'm going to do my best to hold off for six months or so so they can get all the kinks worked out. Apple has had a lot bugs and defects lately with their first runs of new products (overheating MacBooks, busted iPod nano screens) and I think letting some other suckers beta test the thing is much safer.

Check out video of the iPhone after the jump.

CBS News gets a demo from Apple's Phil Schiller below:

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