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Confederate statues at UT face uncertain future

December 28, 2006 at 07:41 AM

The University of Texas is exploring options about what to do with several statues honoring Confederate leaders on campus. It seems like the issue comes up every few years but every time they decide to do nothing.

The statues have in recent history become a topic of debate among students, professors and administrators. They include four bronze figures on the campus South Mall honoring Confederate leaders such as Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States, and Robert E. Lee, the chief general.

Powers said he plans to appoint a committee of advisers early next year, probably including faculty members and students.

"The whole range of options is on the table," Powers said. "A lot of students, and especially minority students, have raised concerns. And those are understandable and legitimate concerns. On the other hand, the statues have been here for a long time, and that's something we have to take into account as well."

I can see how some people would be upset about them being up on campus but at the same time Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis were important men in Southern history. I'm a person who thinks people/universities hanging on to the Confederate flag are morons, but in this situation I think the statues should stay.

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