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Review: Pat Green's Lucky Ones

November 11, 2004 at 09:22 PM
Pat Green: Luck Ones

I already love this CD. I would say I like every single song except for one ("Sweet Revenge" is his apparently obligatory Cajun-sounding song), and even it's not too bad. It's just a great album filled with several different styles of songs, all pretty damn good.

"Lucky Ones" is probably his best recent album and will likely have the most commercial appeal of any of his albums. It's definitely still Pat, but he's come a long way since his early days. He's even getting more big time collaborators now, there's a song co-written by Rob Thomas ("Baby Doll", the latest single) and Brad Paisley is featured on "College." Good mix of ballads and rocking songs, one of the best on there is the song "One Thing" that Jack Ingram recorded back in 2002. It's real good, I wish I could find who wrote it.

Rating: 5/5

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I'm glad Pat is still kicking ass, I had my doubts when he originally signed about how mainstream country fans would like him. The only thing that is bad about it is that he's now impossible to see in concert, at least at a decent venue. You can still go see him at big places like the Smirnoff Center here in Dallas, but he was always a lot more fun in Gruene Hall and other small joints. The first three or four times I saw him in concert I was probably within fifteen feet of the stage everytime.

He's still treating his fans right too. I pre-ordered the CD off of PatGreen.com and got a signed copy despite being well past the posted deadline to take advantage of the offer. Pretty cool. He's done that with the last several albums, so if you're a fan be sure to pre-order the next one early.

The only negative thing I can say is how disappointed I am that they put such an obtrusive FBI warning on the disc itself. Almost as big as the artwork it says:

FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law.

Pat Green CD, notice all the FBI warnings

Doesn't the FBI have more important things to be worry about then what I am doing with a CD I legally purchased? I know piracy is an issue, but it's an issue caused by the RIAA not by music fans. If they hadn't been so stubborn, they would've jumped on the digital delivery bandwagon a lot sooner and illegal file sharing wouldn't be as much of an issue as it is today. If things like the iTunes Store and the MSN Music Store had existed in the early days, people wouldn't be so resistant to paying for MP3's. Once you've spent so long getting something for free, why would you suddenly start paying for it?

Alright, enough ranting on the RIAA. Pat Green's album is awesome and if you've liked his music before you'll like this too. It's a perfect blend of what makes Pat so great and a more traditional Nashville sound. "Lucky Ones" is definitely a CD you should check out.

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