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My server died!

November 23, 2004 at 08:39 PM

Alright, this pisses me off at least a little bit. This site as well as 722webdesign are both hosted at Surpass Hosting. They are by far the cheapest host I was able to find and I haven't had too much trouble with them before. So today at about 2 pm the whole freaking thing crashed. It was down for about an hour and then it looked like they had reinstalled Linux/Apache/Cpanel.

I was in contact with Surpass' tech support, but it was like pulling teeth. I had to tell them what my service level was etc., like they just asked basic ass questions without bothering to look up my account. So frustrating. I think I actually was the first one to point out that there was an issue with the shared server I am on (along with 180 other sites.) They finally responded with this:

We are currently working on this server. Thanks should be back up shortly. Thank you for your concern in this matter.

So I'm guessing it crashed and they had to revert to a back up. I understand it happens, but it shouldn't have taken me to point it out. Plus 722webdesign is still down as our other domains I know are hosted on my server. Did they only fix the sites of people who complained?

Oh well, shit happens. I had actually done a lot of work last night, but it shouldn't be too bad to get it back. Hopefully everything will be running smoothly again soon. Until then, if something goes haywire be sure to contact me.

Update: Well it's Friday and 722webdesign is freaking operational again. Really pisses me off that it took them this long to resolve the issue.

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