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New MT version installed

August 31, 2004 at 09:44 PM

The new version of MovableType (MT 3.1) was released today and I've already gotten it up and running here. Not too much that you guys will see right away here, but it's just the first of many changes that are on their way.

A couple of immediate differences:

  1. MT-Blacklist v2 is installed. For you that means your comments will appear immediately after you make them. More importantly, for me it means no longer wading through 40+ spam comments a week about Viagra, Cialis, and porn.
  2. I'm going to break things. Lots of them. As soon as I'm done typing this I'm going to switch the default file extension from .html to .php for this site. Unfortunately all old links will break, but it will allow me to (eventually) do some more advanced stuff around here. Anyways, it's better to bite the bullet now rather than wait.

The most notable change is a complete redesign that's in the works. It's getting close to a presentable phase, and once it is I'll get it running throughout this site. Look for that very soon.

Update: Okay, so a few more things broke last night than planned. I was getting some weird parsing error on all pages other than this main index, so I've switch back to .html for now. I'll have more time to mess with it tonight so hopefully I'll get it done.

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