Podcast: 99% Invisible – Port of Dallas

Great, interesting recent 99% Invisible episode of local interest entitled Port of Dallas. It covers the seemingly crazy attempted creating of the Port of Dallas in the early 1900s.


Frisco looks to invest $1 million to bring video game museum to town

Awesome. Frisco looks like it’ll be the home of the video game museum with “the most comprehensive collection of video game memorabilia in the world.” Once it opens, I’ll be definitely trekking out there to take a look.


Alabama FanGuide iOS App

Alabama FanGuide is the app every Crimson Tide die hard fan needs.


Get the Alabama FanGuide app for iPhone or iPad and all the latest information on the Alabama football will be just a tap away.

Keep up with the latest news thanks to push notifications and have easy access to the Tide’s roster for during the games. Watch videos from behind the scenes or highlights from the latest recruits.


Stick Family Sans Daddy

Saw this driving home from work yesterday. If you’re going to delete dad at least have the decency to get some Goof Off and remove his residue too. I found it incredibly sad.



A better infinite scroll?

Google has a new blog post up with their recommendations for implementing infinite scrolling. Also be sure to check out the demo page.

Google’s tips and examples address SEO concerns with this feature, but don’t really address the possible user experience issues it introduces. As someone who is lucky enough to observe and work with actual users during usability testing, I’m not sure there is such a thing as a “good” infinite scrolling technique right now.

At least with this example the back button works as expected but I’m still not sure the positives outweigh the confusion infinite scrolling always seems to introduce. As with pretty much every UX issue, this of course depends depends on your audience and content. Like any other feature, get it in front of real users and test, test, test.


Podcast: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Hardcore History is an absolutely riveting history podcast I just started listening to a few weeks ago. I listened to a couple recent episodes and was immediately hooked. I went back and downloaded every single episode I could find. Incredibly educational and entertaining.

Go to the Hardcore History homepage to subscribe.


DHL tricks competitors in to advertising for them

Pretty funny buy may cross the line into classless territory:


Apple iWatch concept design

Incredibly appealing design concept for the mythical iWatch by Todd Ham. Looks like a mix of a iOS 7 and an incredible screen on a Nike Fuelband form factor.

Looks fantastic but I’d probably cut another 50% of the functionality demoed and simplify even further. My guess is Apple will too. If they ever do actually release an iWatch my hunch is that it would be a phone companion device focused on health/fitness and won’t tackle tasks such as initiating calls. I also hope it would have a 10x more helpful lockscreen than just a clock.


Embeddable, interactive iOS app previews using App.io

App.io (which used to be Kickfolio) allows users to create interactive previews of your iPhone and iPad apps. Not sure exactly how its working but pretty darn cool. Check out Airbnb example below:

I think this will be overkill for a lot of apps where simple screenshots will work, but it’s amazing tech and would be useful for certain types of apps that might need a little more in-depth explanation/preview before a person is willing to plunk down 2 bucks.

I would not recommend using App.io if you’ve got a free app. Get those potential customers to the App Store as quickly as possible to download your app and that can be the “demo”. I will be trying App.io out soon, as much to see how it works as anything and will post my thoughts about it afterwards.


Finally: Linked Smart Objects in Photoshop

A new update bring us linked smart objects in Photoshop CC! Finally!!

Put the same smart object in multiple files, change it once and you’ll see the change everywhere it is used. Sorta. Watch the video: